This turned out to be more cute than fetish

July 28, 2007 at 11:42 pm (kink, pics)

Also, this may be weird, but I’ve got this thing for chicks with heart shaped nipples.

image02.jpgchloe at

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Weird Fetish

July 24, 2007 at 3:55 pm (kink)

Smokin’ Dudes

is a site that features pics of guys smoking. Most of them have all of their clothes on while doing it.

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CFNM thought.

July 23, 2007 at 11:21 am (cfnm, exhibitionism, kink, Uncategorized)

There seems to be two kinds of CFNM. The kink breaks down into two subcategories, as far as I can tell.

There’s the submissive male, stripper people. Which is where I first encountered it. This is usually a scene where a man, often a stripper, is naked in front of a bunch of women. Often the women have tricked him, coerced or forced the male to remove his clothes. This often ends in the women masturbating the man into orgasm.

The other type is the prostitute fantasy, as I call it. Where the man is naked but the woman is clothed, and she gives him a blowjob and handjob. This is often one on one and seems to be more of a normal oral sex act with just a little twist: the man is naked but the woman isn’t. This one really seems to be more about the clothing. The submissive scenario seems to be more about the man being embarrased. Like it’s a form of exhibitionism. The prostitute fantasy seems to be about the woman wearing clothes and being in a rush.

I was right. They call it positive CFNM and negative CFNM. I’m learning all kinds of things about this fetish. It’s new to me. Apparently CFNM was invented on this site, Sensations for Women.  From there it got out into the general population. It’s been picked up by print porn mags and has grown beyond the initial community that started it.

Apparently the boys aren’t letting the girls play, according to this post. Maybe there’s a female friendly board out there. That sounds like more fun for me, anyway.

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the Dragon

July 21, 2007 at 1:04 pm (kink)


What do you think they will do with that? Link.

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Another gallery and story

July 21, 2007 at 12:49 pm (cfnm, pics, stories) – the best place on the net for REAL cfnm content

Three girls are working away at the computer when they catch the cleaner staring up Laura’s skirt. The girls are furious and pull him up onto the desk so they can spank him. They really manhandle the poor cleaner and start pulling at his clothes trying to expose him to see how he likes it. They soon have him naked and decide to take their anger out on his cock – taking it in turns to flick it and slap it. Eventually they decide to see if his pathetic cock gets any bigger and they take turns to wank him. Ayla even straddles his face so he can see right up her skirt. This sends him over the top and he unleashes a huge amount of cum which the girls insist he cleans up before they get back from their lunch break.cfnm3.jpg

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My First CFNM Experience

July 20, 2007 at 7:29 pm (bdsm, cfnm, exhibitionism, femdom, kink)

by SamFrench

After parking my car down the street, I couldn’t believe I was actually walking up to the house. The neighborhood was in an upscale section of Old Towne Alexandria and the house was beautiful.

The email had stated this would be a private party and to arrive exactly at 7 pm. I didn’t know how many others would be here but I didn’t care, I was anxious for the experience and my heart was racing as I rang the doorbell.

First, let me explain how I got here. No, not which way I’d driven but what had brought me to this momentous event.

I had come across the term CFNM and had seen some pics on the Internet. The more I “googled” CFNM, the more I became amazed at the wild scenes and stories depicting “Clothed Female, Nude Male” scenarios. I had always had a weakness for gorgeous, dominant women, women so hot and self-assured, they always ‘got what they wanted’ by controlling men. The thought of being a woman’s play toy turned me on immensely.

As a boy, I had come across a magazine depicting two young women walking in on a guy as he was changing in the pool house for a swim party. The images stuck in my brain as if burned into my memory by the electric jolts, which had coursed through my body and groin that first time I saw them. The fact that the women seemed to enjoy and laugh at the boy’s predicament only heightened my arousal. Instead of walking out, the women stood and pointed to the size of his equipment, lingering to take in more views of his hardening cock. They ordered him to display his penis, close-up, before allowing him to go swimming. Of course, he was made to swim in the nude while they swam in bikinis. Those erotic images ignited me and formed the basis for my growing obsession with this type of dominant female scenario.

I was scouring the internet when I came across an adult site that posted ads, including those looking for men interested in CFNM to apply for a private party. The ad posted the name of the city and a contact email. Since I lived in a town nearby, I thought, why not. I never thought it would change my life!

I’m in my early forties but am curse with the libido of a twenty something. I keep my physique with an active lifestyle and sports; mostly soccer, running and swimming. I was a varsity soccer player and triathlete in college, so I was pretty confident about my physical appearance, muscular but not too bulky.

A reply to my initial email was specific, ‘demanding’ background information, along with full, frontal photographs both clothed and in the nude. The demand itself was so arousing I promptly took the pictures, typed my information and sent an email back that same morning! They must have been impressed because their reply came that afternoon, giving me instructions on where to be and when.

So here I was, anxiously pushing the doorbell button. Over the pounding of my heart, I could hear the resonant tones, echoing behind the closed door as it announced my arrival. Patiently I waited, shifting my weight from foot to foot. My palms began to sweat as I looked around the neighborhood, nervously wondering if the neighbors knew ‘what goes on’ in this house.

Suddenly a beautiful young woman in her early 20’s opened the door. She gave me the impression of being the housekeeper, although she wasn’t wearing a traditional maid’s uniform. She wore a short, blue dress that accentuated her body and was cut low enough to offer the beginning bulges of pert breasts. She had shoulder length, brown hair with highlights in it and her green eyes seemed to look right through me.

“Good evening,” she said bowing her head, “My name is Gina. Would you follow me, please?”

My mind was racing. This was no dominant woman.

I followed her into the foyer, watching and admiring her tight young ass. I knew this would definitely be an interesting evening. Gina led me into a front parlor where five men, with drinks in hand, were seated on love seats lined up against one wall. I thought the email stated exactly 7 PM. Why were these guys here already? My heart was really pounding now!

Guiding me to my own love seat, Gina looked into my eyes and in her submissive voice asked quietly, “Do you care for a drink as well?”

“Rum and coke, please,” I answered with a smile as I sat down.

I figured the rum would calm my nerves. The other guys were all enjoying mixed drinks. We exchanged somewhat knowing glances, looking each other over and sizing up the “competition” so to speak. We were all more-or-less attractive, clean-cut and fairly athletic.

Gina returned with my drink, handing it to me with a polite smile but her eyes hinted at something devious.

“Please follow me, gentlemen,” she announced softly.

She led us past several ornately furnished rooms and into a formal living room at the back of the house. A couple of us let out audible gasps as we were met with the sight of three of the most beautiful women we’d ever seen.

Gina introduced the beauties to us, starting with Ms. Jill. She was an older woman, maybe fifty, but looking much closer to thirty, with shoulder length, blonde hair and a stunning figure on her 5’11” frame. She looked like a former Playboy model that still enjoyed the admiring glances of men half her age. She wore a form-fitting, royal blue blazer with a matching skirt and no blouse.

Ms Jill smiled at all of us in a confident way that let us know right off, she was the one in charge.

Then Gina announced Ms. Patty, who was equally stunning. She was probably in her thirties, although she also looked much younger than her years. She wore a white silk blouse that hinted at full 34D breasts and a tiny waist, along with black slacks that accentuated her nice round ass.

Ms. Patty smiled at us approvingly with her doe-like brown eyes and full lips before sitting down on the couch.

Ms. Ashleigh was the last of our lovely hostesses, a beautiful redhead in her late 20s. She had the body of a stripper and the face of an angel, with piercing blue eyes that showed she was ready for some action. She wore a black, clingy silk top that showed off her heaving tits with their erect nipples. Her tight skirt was slit way up on one side, showing her long dancer’s legs and stiletto heels.

She remained standing alongside Ms. Jill as they looked us all over.

One of the guys started to cross the room to say hello, when Ms. Jill, with a motion of her hand, stopped him in mid-stride. She stated matter-of-factly that we would only speak when spoken to and immediately follow all instructions given by any woman.

The room chilled perceptibly as we realized we’d crossed the point of no return and were no longer in charge. Jill looked piercingly at all of us.

“Go to the far wall and each stand before one of the six chairs.” Ms Jill ordered.

We obediently walked across the room and chose a chair to stand before.

Extending her delicate arm, Ms Jill pointed at the first guy on her far left and asked, “What is your name?”

The tall black guy took in a breath and answered in a deep voice, “Andrew, Ma’am.”

Ms Jill gave Andrew an approving smile and moved on to the next, “What is your name?”

“Steve, Mistress. Jill,” he answered bowing his head, careful not to make eye contact.

Out the corner of my eye, I was watching as the other three men stated their names, each trying to ‘out do’ the one before them. After Mike and Tony and Jim, she finally came to me.

“So, did I save the best for last?” she said laughing before asking my name.

I wasn’t sure how to answer her now. Was that an actual question?

“Yes, I believe you have and my name is Sam, Ma’am,” I answered hesitantly.

“Ahhh, we still have a feisty one here, eh?” Ms Jill commented, gently caressing her button chin.

Bored and obviously ready for more than idle chit-chat, Ashleigh turned to Jill and whispered, “When is the action going to start?”

Jill looked at her with a devilish smile and then turned to us.

“Take off all your clothing and place them on the chairs behind you.”

We immediately started unbuttoning our shirts and pants. Barely able to control my trembling fingers as I fumbled with the buttons of my shirt, I kicked off my shoes.

All the while, the Mistresses, including Gina were about 10 feet away, taking in the scene. Mistress Patty had stood up, not wanting to miss any of the show.

Soon we were naked in front of our audience of beautiful females. The temperature in the room seemed perfect, although I couldn’t help but feel a chill go through me while at the same time getting flushed and starting to sweat.

The women looked at each other, smiling.

Suddenly, with a wide smirk, Mistress Patty playfully announced in the sweetest southern accent, “Before we can continue with any activities, you Gentlemen will need to be arranged according to size.” Her speech was as thick as molasses and twice as sweet. I noticed myself staring at her luscious mouth before reacting to her command.

We shuffled around, lining up by height; me at one end, the others in between and Andrew at the other end since I was almost a foot shorter than this tall, black guy who looked like a running back.

The ladies giggled and laughed as we moved around, then Patty clarified her earlier command, “No, no, no gentlemen, we want you to line up by the size of your manly attributes, you know, your cocks!” The use of the word shocked me, yet aroused me all the more since it came from such a classy woman with such a sweet accent. But it also made it obvious to all of us who was in charge.

We looked hesitatingly down at each other’s pricks to determine the order. Tony’s cock seemed to hang lower than Andrew’s did, so he moved down to the end. Steve and Mike seemed to be about the same size, about 6 inches soft, so they just randomly took spots 3 and 4. Jim was a little bigger than I was, so I stayed in my spot.

My cock always retreated when soft, so I knew I’d probably be the smallest. At any other time, just being in the presence of four beautiful women like this would’ve gotten me hard, but standing in front of other men made it limp and about 3 inches. The women were obviously pleased with the size of the first four cocks, especially Tony and Andrew. Tony had that Italian Stallion look and Andrew was an ebony Adonis, ripped and muscular.

Gina walked over to a small table in the corner, returning with rulers to confirm our sizes.

Ashleigh walked up to Tony, picked up his somewhat swollen dick as if it were an inanimate object and gently laid it down on the ruler.

“His cock measures 8 inches,” she announced, drawing appreciable smiles and nods from the women.

Next was Andrew.

Ashleigh made a big show of picking up his massive, veined cock.

“I need to be precise here,’ she mumbled with wide eyes. “I don’t want his big balls to throw off the measurement.”

Abruptly she pushed the edge of the ruler back, forcing his balls flat against his legs, before letting his cock flop down onto the ruler.

Andrew let out a small wince, biting his lower lip at the harsh treatment but holding still for the beautiful vixen.

“Hmmm. 7.5 inches at rest,” Ashleigh announced with a wink and a broad smile.

Down the line she went, with Steve and Mike measuring 6.5 and 6 inches respectively, ending with Jim measuring about 4 inches and me coming in last with 3.

I could feel my embarrassment rising as each measurement was repeated for Gina to jot down on a notepad.

Patty then announced, “We need to measure each of you for circumference now.”

She took out a cloth tape measure, sizing us up in reverse order and again announcing the results to Gina. Thank God, Patty was much gentler than Ashleigh had been. She was relishing the feel of each of our cocks as she held them up to wrap the tape around them.

My cock started to inflate before it was my turn, watching the measuring and peeking down Miss Patty’s silk blouse, as she seemed to make a big production of the whole process. As she measured me, I was blissfully aware of her warm breath on my dick, making it swell all the more in her hands.

When Miss Patty had finished, Jill stepped forward and said, “The next measurement is how far your balls hang down. Get up on the chairs and face the wall. When I get to you, bend over and squat for me.”

I was shocked at the position she expected us to take up, but stepped up onto my chair and silently faced the wall. My genitals were tingling with both apprehension and excitement. I’m sure the position was partly to give them better access, but also to humiliate us and put us in our place, mere servants of these luscious goddesses. Either way, it worked.

Andrew was by far the winner, his massive balls hung almost six inches below his crotch. Mistress Jill seemed to enjoy this ‘measurement taking’ the most, as she stroked Andrew’s balls and pulled on his sack, stretching it out a bit more before letting go. His balls were like plums in a silk pouch, as she seemed to take a very long time in getting the measurement.

She cupped us all firmly, again reinforcing that we were mere play toys, selected for the sheer pleasure and amusement of the ladies.

All this action and measuring was taking its toll on us, our cocks were inflating with every touch.

Mistress Patty noticed our excitement was ‘throwing off’ the order and insisted we be measured again.

The women took great delight in the fact the process had to be repeated.

My cock was sticking almost straight up, as were most, except for Tony’s and Andrew’s, which still hung down at a slight angle. They made us get off the chairs and line up facing them again.

Mistress Ashleigh spoke loudly, “Gentlemen, grab your cocks and jerk them off. Get them nice and hard for me this time! I don’t want to have to repeat this process again.”

After a few strokes and glazed stares at these sexy vixens, I was totally erect.

Mistress Ashleigh smacked my hand away from my throbbing cock with her ruler before positioning it against the underside of my dick, pressing my cock into my abs with her other hand. I now measured six inches, double my soft state, but it was the thick girth that made Ashleigh smile approvingly. She wrapped her hand around my swollen phallus and pumped a few more times until pre-cum formed at the tip. Then, nonchalantly she called Gina over.

“Lick his cock Gina; we don’t want a mess on the hardwood floors, now do we?”

Gina smiled before bending over to lick my upheld cockhead. Mistress Ashleigh pumped me twice more before letting go as my dick lodged firmly between Gina’s lips. I almost groaned, the feeling was so delicious, but knew better not to. Gina pulled back, letting my dick plop out of her mouth and against my stomach, making her giggle. She was as young and adorable as the others were classy and beautiful. I was still trying to understand Gina’s hierarchy position in the group.

Down the line again she went, Mistress Ashleigh measuring with Gina cleaning off the dicks afterwards, whether they were leaking or not! Jim also measured at six inches, while Steve was now 7.5″ and Mike was 7″.

Gina’s ministrations made our cockheads glisten as our dicks bobbed with every heartbeat. All the teasing of these female visions of beauty was having an obvious effect on us. Our cocks lolled up and down obscenely as we yearned for release.

Mistress Ashleigh was almost drooling as she neared Andrew, who was still slowly pumping his enormous cock. Although it never seemed totally hard, it was a spongy fleshtube that stuck out half a foot past his clenched fist. Mistress Ashleigh wrapped her visibly trembling hand around his throbbing meat and stroked him a few more times, then measured him at 10.5 inches.

Gina’s eyes grew huge as she parted her delicate lips, trying to take his bulbous head into her mouth. The head was almost the size of a tennis ball, deep purple in color and very shiny. Gina methodically cleaned him off longer than the rest, which showed in the fact that his cock was now almost totally erect.

Mistress Ashleigh stopped dead in her tracks when she looked at Tony and realized his cock was even bigger. She dropped to her knees and held his cock with the hand holding the ruler while her other hand pulled down on his balls.

She giddily announced, “I need a yardstick. This ruler is too short!”

Prepared for such an eventuality, Gina grabbed a yardstick that had been propped against the wall.

In awe, Mistress Ashleigh held Tony’s member out while Gina held the ruler between his legs.

Gasping Gina announced, “13.25 inches!”

Mistress Jill shot Gina a glare, putting her back in her place. After all, it was Mistress Jill’s party.

The women livened up at the prospect of having six good-sized tools to play with.

Mistress Patty came over to Jim and me, grabbing a cock in each of her hands.

Ashleigh grabbed Tony and Andrew while Jill grabbed Mike and Steve. We were led by our dicks toward the love seats before the women sat down, now face level with our cocks. Seeing down Mistress Patty’s blouse, glimpsing her sheer white bra, was making my cock swell even more. She felt my meat twitch, giving me a warm smile. All this handling of cocks was starting to affect her, not being the hard domineering type like Mistresses Jill and Ashleigh.

Suddenly Mistress Jill announced, “Now we’re going to see how much control you boys have. We will alternately suck your cocks for 5 minutes each, then you will move to the next seat. The first ‘to cum’ will perform a special task as punishment.”

With that Mistress Jill leaned forward and swallowed Mike’s cock like a pro while gently pumping on Steve’s turgid organ.

Mistress Patty leaned forward and took in Jim’s rod while pumping my cock, keeping my attention high. After a few licks she switched to me, taking the head and half the shaft into her warm, wet mouth. She hummed as she bobbed up and down, taking a little more each time. By the fifth stroke, she had her nose against my pubes before pulling back all the way and letting my cock pop out of her mouth, almost like Gina had earlier.

The sounds that filled the room were a huge turn-on. Three beautiful women were sucking and stroking two cocks at a time as the men’s breathing got heavier and heavier. The earlier clinical examinations of our cocks now became ravenous feasts.

Mistress Ashleigh was alternately rubbing the huge cocks she held all over her face before sliding the enormous heads into her mouth. Her lip-gloss had totally rubbed off on their shafts as her saliva and their precum provided the only lubrication to help the pink and purple mushroom heads of Tony and Andrew pass her tautly stretched lips. Size did not slow Ashleigh down as she firmly stuffed the cocks into her ravenous mouth.

The time was up as we switched; Jim and I passed to Mistress Jill, while Tony and Andrew passed to Mistress Patty, and Mike and Steve passed to Mistress Ashleigh.

Mistress Jill was almost as enthusiastic as Mistress Patty but displayed a bit more control in her oral skills. She took our cocks into her mouth to get them even wetter, and then slid them down her ample cleavage. She was bending our cocks downward almost painfully, if it wasn’t for the fact that it felt so great. Her breasts must’ve been 36DDs as her bra pushed them up so much they met in a fleshy crease half a foot long. Her massive tits spilling over the top of her bra made it a huge, visual turn-on as well.

Our time with Mistress Jill was up way too quickly before we switched again.

Mistress Ashleigh grabbed my cock and smacked it against her cheek a couple of times before swallowing it to the hilt. My glans hit the back of her mouth and then some, as her throat muscles squeezed tight. I thought I’d cum right then and there, but held off, just barely. Her red-haired beauty was striking, as she demonstrated her unquestionable skill at giving head. She must like rough sex, since she was the most firm in her oral and manual caresses. She was doing everything she could to make me cum, but I held out my turn.

Jim wasn’t so lucky, or was he? As soon as Mistress Ashleigh buried his cock in her throat, he started spasming. She pulled back about six inches and pumped his cock, watching the first of numerous spurts as they flew towards her. The first one hit her left cheek; the next few her chin and the remainder hit her blouse. She led go of me and called for Gina again.

Gina knew her duties, as she licked the remaining cum off Jim’s spent cock. I was amazed at how Ashleigh was able to control his orgasm, ensuring that none of his cum hit the floor. What was it about the damn floors that made them so special? Or maybe they wanted to make sure none of our seed was wasted?

The view must’ve been too much for Mike, since he too started to cum. Mistress Patty did her best to finish him off, pumping his cock with her tiny fist, coating her face and upper chest with his cum. Mike huffed like a steam locomotive, giving it his all.

Gina quickly dropped to her knees and licked him clean, taking him deep inside her throat to make sure she got every last drop.

Shaking her head from side to side, Miss Ashleigh then looked at the spent men.

“Jim, you came first! As punishment, you are to lick your mess off my blouse. Do it now!” she ordered.

Jim was enjoying his punishment too much as he licked the cum off her blouse, squeezing her breasts to bring them up to his mouth.

Mistress Ashleigh must’ve liked it too, since I heard her moan a few times. “Now, lick the mess from Mistress Patty also.”

Jim hesitated for a moment. He had never tasted another man’s cum before.

“I said Now, James!” Mistress Ashleigh ordered, pushing his face into Mistress Patty’s cum covered cleavage.

With a wince, Jim began lapping up Mike’s spilt cum from Mistress Patty’s body.

Quivers ran through my trembling frame as I looked on in disbelief, wondering if I could have obeyed such an order.

When Jim had finished his task, he and Mike were ordered to stand off to the side with Gina, who glanced down at their cocks once more, possibly wishing she could have more of their juice.

Mistress Jill rose from her seat.

“Since the time has expired with some of you still needing release, we’re going to play another game. You will stand in a line, allowing us to jerk you off. The one who shoots the quickest, will win a prize. The one who shoots the most will win a prize. And the one who shoots the furthest, will win a prize. Any questions?”

Those of us remaining nodded ‘no’ in unison as we lined up.

This time, Mistress Ashleigh grabbed a handful of Tony, Mistress Jill grabbed Andrew’s ebony meat and Mistress Patty grabbed my throbbing tool.

Mistress Jill ordered Gina to assist Steve and of course, she quickly obliged. We stood facing the middle of the room as the women knelt behind us, reaching around to jerk off our cocks. The feel of Mistress Patty’s soft tits in that silk blouse pressed against my ass was having it’s effect and I wanted to cum to win the prize but Steve beat me to it and came as if on fire. He shot a good foot in front of him as Gina expertly pumped his pulsing hose.

Andrew came next, depositing a huge load directly in front of him, the thick white goo dribbled out more than spurted. His cock never got above horizontal, so it just dripped out for what seemed like forever.

Tony came right after Andrew, making grunting sounds as he shot about two feet in front of him. His orgasm was the most violent, which made the women giggle.

Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore and shot my load.

Mistress Patty had been so gentle with her strokes, she’d held me off the longest. She also seemed to have a ‘special talent’ for pumping the semen out of me, because when I shot, the first one went about three feet in front of me. The next spurt went even further, hitting the floor about four feet away. The next several spurts went out about 2 feet, until a few remaining spasms just brought more cum to the tip. Patty turned me around by my cock and licked the juice off the end of my dick. Finally, Mistress Patty stood up giving me a big hug.

I was in my own world for what felt like an eternity. I didn’t notice the others. I guess the ladies wanted to keep the floor clean for this last event, making sure the “playing field” was clear for documenting the results.

The final tally was; I’d won the prize for shooting the furthest. Steve won for shooting the quickest and Andrew won for the biggest load.

Gina was instructed ‘to clean’ us all off before we were allowed to sit down.

“Well gentleman,” Mistress Jill began. “Did you enjoy your first CFNM experience?”

We all nodded affirmatively. As a prize, the three of us would be given Gina’s services for an entire night of our choosing. Gina virtually beamed as she thought about three nights off from her duties, filled with unbridled sex.

As we exchanged proud smiles, Mistress Jill turned to all of us. “You will now dress before leaving the house. You will receive an email tomorrow with instructions. If you choose to follow them, you will become a sex-toy for a small, select group of women. This was the audition and you all passed. You will accord each of the ladies the same respect you gave us tonight. Periodically, we will meet as a group, to enjoy your services together. If you have any questions, Gina will answer them on your way out.”

With that she turned to Patty and Ashleigh, the three beauties departing the room. Everyone must’ve liked the idea though, as we had all started regaining our erections. Gina smiled wickedly and said, “Gentlemen, we can’t have you going out like that,” as she proceeded to suck each of us off again.

But that’s a story for another time…

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CFNM story and movies

July 19, 2007 at 12:24 pm (cfnm, exhibitionism, movies, stories, submission)


This site

has Clothed Female, Naked Male stories and even a few videos of the action.

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Gothy BDSM art

July 16, 2007 at 7:55 pm (bdsm, bondage)

ImageShack® – dragonwycke’s images

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

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some fetish stuff

July 14, 2007 at 6:18 pm (Uncategorized)

I found these old fetish pics from a site. It was a horrible, spammy site, otherwise I would link to it. These are all old enough to be in the public domain.

It’s interesting to see that the old folks were doing the same things we are. And when we’re old we’ll probably still be doing them.

[rockyou id=77099260]

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CFNM from violet blue

July 13, 2007 at 8:37 pm (cfnm, kink)

 Violet Blue jumps on the CFNM bandwagon. She’s got some good links and stuff.

tiny nibbles – violet blue
Image via this free gallery.

I recently discovered a nice nest of CFNM blogs (clothed female, naked male) via my Australian, female pro-porn pal Ms. Naughty’s superlative CFNM resource guide. They’re all connected somehow, and link to affiliate paysites, but the pics and video samples are all free and a whole hell of a lot of fun. This weekend I’ve been peeping the basic Original CFNM Blog, Yehu’s CFNM BlogCFNM Blog (which often links to galleries at paysite Pure CFNM). Oh, the fun to be had passing a naked guy around with the girls — all the smiles and playful amateur antics (as in, not porn stars) look like a lot of fun to me 🙂 and my new fave, cfnm070707.jpg

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