Boy and Mistress

July 9, 2007 at 9:14 pm (femdom, kink, stories, submission)

Boy and Mistress – BDSM –

Normally, I didn’t check my personal email at work. My boss said he didn’t monitor communications, but I didn’t trust him. It was a Friday night, my girlfriend was out of town, and I didn’t have anything to do. I was feeling a little lonely and was hoping my girlfriend sent a message saying she missed me.

I scrolled down the inbox looking for her email address. Something else caught my eye. It was my mistress’s email address. My lungs moved to my stomach and my stomach moved to my throat. I didn’t think I was going to hear from her again. I messed up the last time I was with her.

I had the nerve to forget to turn off my cell phone. I recognized my girlfriend’s ringtone, got off all fours, and answered the call. When I hung up, Mistress slapped me across my face. She cut a hole in the crotch of my jeans and sent me away. Fortunately, I was able to stop at the office to change into my spare suit before I went home to my girlfriend. I sent Mistress an apology but didn’t hear from her for months.

I didn’t know if it was going to be words of hate or the time for our next session. I felt somewhat confident when I saw very few words on the page. It meant she wasn’t chastising me. It read, ‘SATURDAY. 9AM. LAKE HOUSE. You were very naughty Boy. Mistress is not angry. Boy will have the chance to fulfill his ultimate fantasy. COME NAKED.’

Coming naked was the least of my concerns. Whenever our sessions took place at the lake house, I had to come naked. The house was in the woods so we had no worries. My only problem was she made me park on the street.

Saturday, everyone was out walking their dogs or pushing children in strollers. I had to sit in the car and wait until the coast was clear. I was several minutes late. Mistress punished by making love to me. There wasn’t any cock torture or humiliation. She repeatedly told me I was the best she ever had. I lost my erection repeatedly. She tried to make me feel better instead of humiliating me. I learned to come early.

I left work and began preparation for Mistress. She wanted me to look as boyish as possible. It was hard to make a 41-year-old look like a boy. I didn’t even look boyish when I was a teenager. I had always been muscular and suave looking. I pulled many older women when I was growing up.

I shaved off all my body hair. I hated the way it looked, but Mistress would always get what she wanted. Depending on the notice, I would try to lose a little weight to make me look skinny. I started to put on weight when I thought our arrangement ended. I would mess up my hair and usually wear sagging jeans and a wife beater to look like a punk instead of a businessman.

It was cold and raining that Saturday. I hoped we wouldn’t be going into the lake because my dick would end up little and shriveled. Mistress would not be happy. I always had to bring myself to erection before I went to the house. People jogged past and I would temporarily stop jerkin my cock until I was satisfied I was alone.

When I was at my full length and hardness, I checked to make sure the coast was clear. I rushed past the front gate. From there on, I wasn’t visible from the street. I walked casually the rest of the way. I held my cock while I walked so it wasn’t bouncing around.

There was an unexpected note on her door. It said go straight to the boat. I had been on her boat only once. It was too large and too nice for the lake, but a welcomed change of scenery. From that point forward, I did not hold my cock in case Mistress was watching.

I climbed onto the observation deck and didn’t see anyone. It was the first time I felt completely exposed. Cold rain hit me and a breeze made the water sting. My cock was completely erect and my hands were behind my back. I went down to the cabin and there was my mistress sitting naked on the couch.

I ran over to her with my hands behind my back. I got down on my knees and kissed her feet. “Thank you mistress. Thank you for inviting Boy back Mistress.”

“Stand up,” she said, jerking her feet away. “I’m glad you got my email. Good Boy. I said that you would be able to fulfill your fantasy. Does that sound good Boy?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“What is Mistress’ fantasy?”

“Mistress’ fantasy is to see Boy fucked by other men.”

“Good Boy. And what is Boy’s fantasy?”

“Boy’s fantasy is to see Boy’s girlfriend dominated by Mistress.”

“On your hands and knees.” Mistress stood up and bent over to lift up the couch cushion. I got a spectacular view of her pussy and ass. There was a cane under the cushion. It was my least favorite device she used. She slowly walked behind me. My ass was in the air and my balls were a fair target. I could feel my cock begin to shrink.

I felt the sting of the cane on my ass. It was a light hit but still painful. “Mistress’ fantasies are Boy’s fantasies, right?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“What is Boy’s Fantasy?” She rubbed the tip of the cane on my balls. I wanted to be sure to get the question right so that she wouldn’t hit my balls with the cane. Each hit was always harder than the last. Then I felt the tip of the cane follow the path from my ball sack to my asshole. She inserted the very tip of the cane into my asshole. I could barely feel it, but then I understood the question.

“Boy’s fantasy is to be fucked by men.” I had actually put that on the list of things I was unwilling to do when we made our arrangement.

“Today is Boy’s lucky day.” She removed the cane from my ass. On my hands and knees, I saw a pair of hairy legs come around the corner. I wasn’t supposed to look up while I was on my hands and knees so my eyes stayed fixed on the legs and large feet. My stomach immediately dropped.

“Go topside Miguel,” I heard Mistress say. The two legs walked past me. When I could no longer hear the footsteps, Mistress walked in front of me. “Stand up.” I was almost ten inches taller than Mistress, but she could get me to do anything she wanted.

Mistress walked back to the couch and lifted the cushion. I could tell she had out the string. She stood in front of me and looked at me for several seconds. I saw her begin to smile and I was starting to feel good, thinking she was happy to see Boy.

Her hand smacked my face. It almost put me off balance. When I straightened up, she spit in my face. I opened my mouth just in case she had more. “Close your fucking mouth. Your fucking cock is barely hard.” She reached down and started stroking my cock vigorously. I was immediately rock hard and realized how I missed her touch.

The string wrapped around my cock and balls several times. She pulled it so tight it felt as if it was cutting into my skin. My balls were bright read and the head of my cock turned purple. I hated the string. It pulled my cock down instead of letting it point up freely. She held on to the end of the rope and pulled me by my cock and balls. Fortunately, the rain had stopped topside.

I could see the man she called Miguel. He was in his early 20s and muscular. He was tan with wavy hair. He would have made any woman crazy. “How does Boy like the man Mistress has been spending time with since Boy fucked up?”

“Boy likes him very much Mistress.”

“Excellent Boy. Go make Miguel hard.” I looked at Miguel who had spread his legs and scooted to the edge of the chair. His balls hung over the edge. I started to feel so uncomfortable that I almost stopped. I knew Mistress would completely sever our relationship if I did that.

I hastily moved towards Miguel and kneeled between his legs. His cock looked very small, even taking into consideration he was soft. I couldn’t see what Mistress wanted with him. I grabbed his cock. My own was throbbing.

The clouds had parted and the sun was beating down on us. My hand slid very easily up and down his cock because of the sweat that had collected there. I was hoping the other houses didn’t have people bird watching on their decks. I didn’t want anyone to see me on my knees stroking another man’s cock.

After a few strokes, I could feel his dick begin to swell. “Boy, hands behind your back,” Mistress said. I saw Miguel smile. He grabbed the base of his cock and gave it a few strokes himself. He put his hand around my head and brought me forward.

My mouth opened the same way it would if Mistress was going to spit on me. He moved my head down onto his cock and pushed my head slowly down his cock. I gagged, feeling its limp, softness lying against my tongue. He guided my head up slowly and then brought it back down. I could feel it getting harder and thicker by the second.

At full harness, he held my head in place and began thrusting his cock in my mouth. Mistress walked over and sat beside Miguel. She took his hands from my head and put them on her breasts. I kept taking the full length of his cock. Surprisingly, it was probably 8 inches. Mistress flicked her tongue against Miguel’s and their lips pressed together.

I wanted to bite down on his cock and have mistress all to myself. Jealousy was starting to and I was about to explode. Her skin was glistening in the sun. The sun reflecting off the boat illuminated her beautiful golden tan. The wind blew out her hair. She looked amazing and I wanted her attention, but I kept sucking that fucking asshole’s cock.

Miguel violated Mistress for several long minutes. I knew there was no way he could satisfy her like Boy. Miguel leaned his head back, closed his eyes, and I continued to swallow his cock with my hands still behind my back.

“That’s really good Boy,” she said standing next to me. “Boy is enjoying sucking cock more than Mistress thought.” She pushed me hard and I fell over onto the deck. “On your fucking back. Spread your fucking legs.”

I did as told. The string kept my cock from going soft while I sucked Miguel’s cock. I hated the experience. She walked over to me and started jerking off my cock with her toes. The red polish on her big toe reminded me of the time she let me cum on her feet. I felt a surge in my cock and my body jumped. “Boy likes sucking dick. Boy is rock hard after swallowing Miguel’s man cock.”

She ran her toe from the tip of my cock, down my shaft and balls, and to my asshole. I felt her putting pressure on it with her toe. We had not explored that area. The skin around my puckered ass hole was so sensitive to her touch. I felt my cock growing wider causing the string to tug tighter.

“Boy’s fantasy is about to come true. Boy acted so ugly last time that he still has to be punished. Mistress knows how much Boy wants a cock shoved into his ass so Mistress won’t punish Boy by taking that away. Boy is going to take every inch of Miguel’s cock with only Boy’s spit as lube.”

My eyes widened and I stared at Mistress. I almost didn’t believe her, but Mistress doesn’t lie She waved for Miguel to come over. Mistress bent down and cut the string from my cock and balls. My balls fell so much relief as they hung in their normal position and my cock rested against my stomach.

Miguel stroked his cock between his thumb and forefinger. Then he grabbed it by the base and put it against my balls. He bounced my sack up and down with the tip of his cock. I felt pre cum dribbling onto my stomach. The sensation was incredible.

“Hold your ass open Boy.” I grabbed my ass with both of my hands and spread my cheeks as wide as I could. Miguel rubbed his cock head up and down as if he was rubbing the slit of a pussy. I had anal sex with my x-wife and girlfriend so I knew lube was necessary.

He pressed his cock against my asshole. My sphincter muscles gave him some resistance. He put his hands to my side and got on top of me in missionary position. I felt like some scared girl about to lose her virginity.

Soon he thrust his cock into me really hard and grunted. I felt tearing pain as his cock shoved deep into my bowels. He closed his eyes as if they were burning from pleasure. I wanted to knock him off me, but my hands never left my ass. He gave me slow hard thrusts. His cock stimulated my prostate and pain turned to pleasure.

I noticed a shadow move in front of me and I opened my eyes. Mistress was lowering her pussy to my face. I stuck out my tongue to taste her sweet pussy juice. It was a treat for Mistress to let Boy taste her. I held out my tongue and let the rhythm of Miguel’s thrusting guide my tongue across her pussy.

I let go of my ass with one hand and put my thumb against her clit. She grinded against my thumb. I could taste her juices flowing into my mouth. I knew she was going to cum soon. She sat completely on my face and I couldn’t breath. I turned my head from side to side, hoping my nose rubbing her slit was getting her off. She put her hands on my chest and moved her pelvis back and forth. I felt her body spasm and shiver over my face. She rocked forward a few more times, and then lifted herself off, my face covered in cum

Reality hit me as I was gasping for air. Mistress had already cum, so I wasn’t going to be able to fuck Mistress and I had a cock balls deep in my ass. Miguel kept plowing away at my ass as if he didn’t realize Mistress came.

I watched Mistress walk over to the bench. She clapped her hands for Miguel to stop. Miguel pulled out of me and sat beside her. I felt emptiness that I wanted filled. I stayed on my back with my cheeks spread wide. My asshole contracted and relaxed into its gaping position.

“Get up Boy. Come ride Miguel’s cock.” I did as told. I felt silly being a grown man sitting in this guy’s lap. He just sat there with his legs spread and his hard cock pointed up. I could never last that long at his age.

I had women in that position so man times but felt awkward doing it myself. I put my hands on his shoulders to steady myself. I put one leg on each side of him and lowered myself down. Miguel grabbed my cock and rubbed it on his cock head. Some of our pre cum mixed. I positioned myself over his cock and he pointed it towards my gaping asshole.

I had to let him in my ass instead of having my asshole virginity taken by force. It was fulfilling having his cock sliding up my ass. I held my ass to make it easier to slide his cock in and out. Miguel put his hands behind his head and watched me in action.

I started working faster on his cock. I looked at Mistress and saw how pleased Mistress was. I worked faster. Mistress leaned over, grabbed my cock, and started stroking expertly. With every stroke, I could feel cum building, ready to pop all over Miguel’s stomach.

Mistress let go of my cock and I immediately took over. I squeezed my hand tightly around my cock, but imagined it was Mistress’ tight pussy. I jerked it so hard and fast that it took me less than ten strokes to cum. Streams of hot, white, creamy cum went all over Miguel’s stomach. I looked down at my work. It was the biggest load I produced in a long time.

I collapsed onto Miguel’s chest as he bucked his cock into my ass. I felt my balls draw up into my body and drop back down. It hurt feeling Miguel drill into my ass after I came. When I could hardly stand it, he grabbed me by the waist and pushed me down hard on his cock. My ass hole contracted around his cock as he slowly pulled me up. My ass felt slick as he pulled his cock out of my ass. Cum dripped out of my gaping hole and Miguel pushed me off him.

“That was good Boy. Lick Miguel clean.” It was so humiliating. I lapped up my cum like a dog drinking out of a lake. The taste was fowl, but I swallowed it all. I felt how hard Miguel’s stomach was with my tongue. I started feeling self-conscious about the softness of my belly. I was going to work on myself for Mistress.

“That was excellent Boy. I am happy your fantasy came true.”

“Thank you Mistress. Boy enjoyed it.”

“Until next time, Boy. Leave me here with Miguel.” I felt jealousy rise in me again. I wanted to knock Miguel into the water, but I couldn’t even look at the guy who just fucked my ass. My cock was shrinking so decided it was best to leave.

On my way to the car, I could still feel Miguel’s cum leaking out of me. I felt like such a cock whore. My asshole was throbbing. My cock didn’t even get to pleasure Mistress. I still didn’t like cock, but if Mistress wanted me to take another cock, I would spread my legs again. I went back home and spread out on the couch. I never bothered to dress. I replayed the day in my head and jerked off. I shot cum all over my chest and thought about my cum covering Miguel’s stomach. I fell into a blissful sleep.

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July 8, 2007 at 4:53 pm (bdsm, cfnm, kink)

CFNM – Clothed Female Naked Male Sex Stories, Fem Dom Humiliation Fantasies, Wild Bachelorette Parties

I Found Out My Boss is Into CFNM

Anna had been working as a legal secretary for a couple of years when the firm assigned her to work for the biggest jerk she ever met. Peter was a hot shot young attorney and was more demanding and demeaning than Anna dreamed possible. After a few months of long, thankless hours, Anna was seriously considering quitting when she stumbled upon something quite unexpected. She was using her bosses computer, even though he had told her many times not to, her computer had been running painstakingly slow all day. By sheer dumb luck Anna made what would prove to be a very fortuitous typo.

She had meant to type ‘CN’ into the search box for ‘case number’ but the phone rang as she was typing and she sloppily mashed the keys. When she hit the ‘c’ she also grazed the ‘f’ next to it, and when she hit the ‘n’ she nudged the adjacent ‘m’ key. She didn’t immediately register her mistake and stared blankly at page after page of search results for ‘CFNM’ as she jotted down the phone message.

After a moment she realized she made a typo but was perplexed what all these ‘CFNM’ files were. The contents were password encrypted, all she could see was ‘CFNM 1023’ and ‘CFNM 598’ and so on. She looked in the upper left, “2,548 results for ‘cfnm'” reported the search box. “What the hell is a CFNM?” She mused out loud.

So she typed in this unfamiliar acronym into google’s search box and after a couple of clicks was staring rather dumbfoundedly at a picture of a tanned muscular young man stroking a very large cock in front of five well-dressed, professional looking women sitting on a couch sipping wine. “Clothed female nude male,” she read out loud. “Holy Shit.”

Anna was now quite interested in getting at the contents of those files but her knowledge of computers was pretty basic. She instantly thought of Jessica, another legal secretary at the firm who fancied herself somewhat of a computer hacker and hated Peter just as much as Anna. After a brief phone call Jessica said, with some excitement, “I’m on my way” and Anna went back to browsing her Google search results.

Jessica arrived before Anna knew it and apparently she did know a thing or two about computers because about an hour later the two secretaries were sitting, mouths agape, looking at image after image of Peter, completely naked, with various, fully clothed females.

“Oh my god, that’s Mrs. Kellerman, she’s a client.” Anna balked. “I can’t believe he was stupid enough to leave these files on his work computer, encrypted or not.”

“Do you know what this means? These pictures could destroy his career. We finally have that prick by the balls,” enthused Jessica.

“You know, I think all the secretaries have been working too damn hard. Its time to have some fun,” schemed Anna.

The next morning began like any other for Peter McDonald. He got up early, jogged a few miles, had a protein shake, slipped into a thousand dollar Italian suit and jetted to work in a flashy red Ferrari. He strolled into his 10th floor corner office and barked at Anna, “Do you have last night’s dictations?”

“On your desk sir,” Anna said coyly.

Peter opened the dictation folder and spilled half of his $5 Starbucks coffee drink all down the front of his expensive suit. He was too stunned to yell, curse, or slam his fist on the desk. In the folder was the picture of himself completely naked and stroking his cock inches from the fully clothed Nancy Kellerman, one of the firms biggest clients and a short handwritten note. Peter knew this picture would ruin his career if the senior partners got a hold of it and wondered how he could have possibly been so careless. He picked up the note, immediately recognizing Anna’s handwriting.

“Peter you are by far the biggest prick I have ever worked for. Because of this I was only slightly surprised to see what a big cock you have. I’m sure you know what would happen if I email these pictures to everyone in the firm address book but luckily for you that doesn’t have to happen. Here’s what does need to happen. In your bottom drawer you’ll find a gold sequin thong I left for you. Take off all your clothes and put on that thong. Once you’re sitting at your desk wearing nothing but a thong, buzz me in. You’ve been a prick to half the secretaries on this floor, and today we’re going to have some fun.”

Peter was stunned. He knew he had little choice but sat there for the better part of an hour in silence trying to think of some way out. Even Peter’s brilliant mind could not scheme his way out of this one, his own carelessness (and horniness) had gotten him into this situation and the only way out was to swallow his pride. At least that’s what he tried to tell himself. He slipped out of his expensive silk suit until he was standing behind his oversized oak desk, mooning half of downtown, examining that wisp of fabric Anna had generally referred to as a thong. The back was about as thick as dental floss and the front was a tiny triangle no more than a few square inches. He realized it was probably a female thong, but left without any options, slipped it on.

He looked at himself in the full-length mirror opposite his desk and instantly wished he hadn’t. The fabric barely covered his penis, even while it was soft and his shaved balls hung out lewdly. He almost lost it right there and put his suit back on but there was a lot at stake. Resigned he sat back at his desk and buzzed Anna. “I’m ready in here,” he said with none of his customary confidence.

Peter heard someone coming in the door and suddenly panicked that Anna had tricked him and 3 or 4 of the senior partners were about to walk in his office. He was ever slow slightly relieved when Anna walked in, eyes glued to the half of his body visible from the desk up, grinning wickedly. This small measure of relief quickly dissipated when Anna was followed by Jessica, who was followed by Marjory, Melissa, Sarah, Christine and Donna. Half of the secretaries on the floor, Peter cursed himself again for being so careless.

The ladies were giggling as they filed in, none of them had believed Anna’s outlandish story about Peter’s cfnm fetish.

“Ok Anna, can you please lock my door,” said Peter trying to retain some of his former authority.

“Sure Peter,” Anna said sweetly but only pretended to lock the door. “Now get out from behind that desk and shake that hot ass for us, some of us have work to do!” Anna produced a fat stack of one dollar bills and divvied them up between the 7 secretaries. Peter felt himself blushing already.

“Hurry the fuck up Peter, we don’t have all day,” Anna commanded in her best Peter imitation.

Peter stood up from the desk hesitantly and the instant his barely-there thong came into view the women broke into cheers and catcalls. To Peter they sounded just like a bunch of rowdy guys at a wet t-shirt contest at spring break. He could scarcely believe there was a bustling law office on the other side of the door and was instantly grateful for the soundproof walls. One of the ladies had turned on some music and they were all eyeing him expectantly.

Peter sighed and sauntered bashfully around the desk, starting to dance. Anna stood up and put the first dollar bill in Peter’s waistband and then slapped his ass as hard as she could leaving a big red handprint. “Shit,” Peter protested but it was drowned out by the secretaries’ cheers.

The ladies took Anna’s cue and began pinching Peter’s ass and sticking dollar bills in his waistband. Before long Anna started pushing the envelope and stuffed a dollar bill down the front of his thong, the back of her hand grazing Peter’s dick. This emboldened the ladies even more and in moments they were taking turns stuffing bills down Peter’s thong, grabbing his balls, rubbing his ass. Each time the ladies gave him a dollar they were copping more of a feel of his cock until they were literally stroking it several times before pulling their hand out.

Peter was quickly getting hard and there was no way that tiny thong was going to contain his dick. For a couple minutes it was shooting out at some absurd angle and then it flopped all the way out, bringing a new round of cheering. Now the ladies were taking turns tugging on his dick and one even got on her knees and gave it a lick.

“Ok ladies, we have to get back to work soon before someone notices we’re missing,” said Anna and Peter thought his ordeal must be over. “So Peter if you can just sit on your desk and masturbate for us, we’ll be all done here.”

Peter felt he should protest, that Anna was really taking this too far, but he was standing there naked in front of seven women and his dick was already hanging out leaking precum. Sheepishly, he hopped on the desk and started rubbing the precum all over the head of his penis. The ladies were going wild, yelling for him to stroke his dick and cum for them, pinching his nipples and playing with his balls.

Peter was pissed off and humiliated but very turned on as well. He could feel an powerful orgasm building quickly. His eyes rolled into the back of his skull has he jacked off feverishly and grunted like a caveman when he came, shooting all over the expensive carpeting.

As his eyes opened and he came back to reality he saw the secretaries all huddled around him giggling. Half of them had camera phones in their hands and Peter could only imagine the pictures they must have captured.

“Ok Peter I think that just about does it. I trust we can count on you to treat your secretaries with a lot more understanding and respect in the future?” said Anna and all seven women filed back out of the office as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred.

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Not really bdsm

July 7, 2007 at 6:16 pm (bondage, kink)

It’s fucking machines.201.jpg

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Big Apple CFNM – Fetish –

June 30, 2007 at 9:35 pm (cfnm, exhibitionism, kink, stories)

Big Apple CFNM – Fetish –

Big Apple CFNM

by SamFrench©

I had always wanted a true CFNM experience. I can’t explain what it is about it that turns me on so much. As luck would have it, I became friends with a couple, Melissa and Brad. We both belonged to a photo sharing site, and had exchanged some interesting pictures. As our communications progressed, we quickly realized we were compatible in many ways.

Melissa didn’t feel comfortable exposing herself totally, wanting to use clothing as a shield, maybe in a way to keep from compromising her marriage vows. All the pictures she posted on her site were very sexy, some very revealing, but she still drew the line at total nudity. She’s very attractive, long light-brown hair with blonde highlights cascading past her shoulders to just below her shoulder blades. Her body is that of a gymnast, very tight, muscular, yet curvy in just the right places. Her ass is so firm, belying her age, and her legs are strong, straight, and very defined. And her face is very attractive as well, with big blue eyes and a great smile.

Brad shared a fantasy with me to see her with another man, and we seemed to all agree that the upcoming trip to the Big Apple would be a perfect opportunity to see if things would progress. We decided we would meet at the hotel where my girlfriend Lori and I were staying. Lori and I had discussed things and had found a great place for dinner close to the hotel. Brad had already emailed some with Lori, so we knew they got along and wouldn’t mind if Melissa and I spent some time together.

Dinner was great, our meals were very good and the atmosphere was fun and charged with sexual energy. We walked the mile back to the hotel to work off some of the great food. We decided on after dinner drinks in the hotel’s executive bar on the top floor overlooking the river and the Statue of Liberty. The drinks flowed freely as my friend flirted openly with Brad.

Melissa asked to freshen up, so I offered to escort her down to the room. After a few minutes she came into the bedroom where I waited for her, sitting in a chair next to the bed. I asked if she was ready to go back up to the bar, but she thought we should give them some more time to get to know each other. I offered her my seat instead of having to sit on the bed, but she surprised me by sitting on my lap instead of letting me get up.

Before long we were kissing softly, then more passionately. Melissa is a great kisser and her body was quickly having an effect on me. I couldn’t keep my hands off her sexy body, but she kept stopping me every time I got too close to fondling her naked breasts under her clothes. Her tight ass rubbing against my crotch and passionate kisses were driving me crazy at this point.

We had discussed before how I was okay with being nude if she didn’t want to undress. I had told her how much her body turned me on and how I would love to rub my cock all over her. She could tell that my erection was struggling to get free, so she asked me if I wanted to get more comfortable by undoing my pants. She brushed against it with the back of her hand a few times, but didn’t seem to want any more than that. After a while I thought that it was all she wanted, so I offered to just go back upstairs with her if she didn’t feel comfortable doing more.

She said that maybe we should get cozy on the bed and reminded me of my fantasy. She removed her jacket and miniskirt but kept her thong and top on. Her firm legs were smooth as silk and her thong showed off her sexy ass. At this point, I would’ve agreed to anything.

I stripped off the rest of my clothes and joined her on the bed as we resumed kissing. I rubbed my cock on her and almost got inside her thong several times. Melissa rolled over and asked me to rub her all over. I knew what she meant as I took my rock-hard cock and began to caress her smooth skin with it. Her moaning and the way she moved her body signaled that she was enjoying it also as I continued to give her a full-body massage.

Before long I was doing everything short of inserting my cock into her wet pussy. By this time she had soaked through her thong and the head of my cock had slipped under the material, although the angle made penetration impossible. She kept to her word though and stayed clothed as she squirmed under me, grinding back against me and doing everything short of intercourse. I wasn’t sure what she wanted so I stopped again and asked her to talk to me. I didn’t know if she wanted things to progress or wanted to return to the bar.

She told me she was enjoying everything and that she really wanted me to cum on her like we’d talked about before. We kissed again and I began rubbing the head of my cock against her slit, driving me crazy. She was moving her hips in a circular motion, signaling how much she was enjoying it as well. She could hear my breathing quicken and then I told her I was going to cum. She pulled her shirt up to keep from soaking it as I unloaded a huge load of cream on her back. She was covered from her shoulder blades down to just above her thong as she relished in the feeling of the hot fluid against her soft skin.

We lay there for a few, enjoying the intensity of the experience. I fetched a towel to wipe her down before dressing and returning to the bar. Lori and Brad were still flirting and rubbing up against each other as the effects of the alcohol had made them both quite tipsy. We exchanged knowing glances as we waited for them to finish their drinks. All four of us went back to the room and talked some more. I was hoping that we’d play together as couples but since it was getting late, they decided they needed to go to catch the last train home.

As soon as they left, I made love to Lori, reaching an orgasm even more intense than before as I told her about what had happened.

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She was late and must be punished

June 29, 2007 at 4:34 pm (bdsm, bondage, discipline, kink)

Secretary in Bondagekobie1001.jpg

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The Sitting Cage

June 22, 2007 at 2:27 pm (bdsm, bondage, kink, pics)

The people at have built a cage that completely immobilizes the user and has to be screwed on.

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

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Impossible bondage

June 15, 2007 at 10:58 pm (bdsm, bondage, kink)

I don’t see how this is possible. It’s like she’s turned her whole torso around backwards…or maybe her butt is on the front side.

Michelle Aston


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dogmouth photography : bdsm-slave-cart

June 9, 2007 at 11:18 am (bdsm, bondage, kink, pics)

dogmouth photography : bdsm-slave-cart

Click for larger image.

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New Bondage dvds

June 7, 2007 at 11:28 pm (bondage, dvd, kink, Uncategorized)


Klub Slutz from Penthouse Klub Slutz (2007)
Studio: Penthouse
Added on: Feb 14th, 2007
Starring: Audrey Hollander, Daisy Marie, Jay Lassiter, Jean Val Jean, Jeremy Holmes, Jezabelle Bond, Marcus London, Max Mikita, and more…

Movie Synopsis: This is your exclusive pass to an underground empire that belongs to the Klub Slutz.
1.0 star
Avg. Rating: 1.0 star





So Low from Tightfit So Low (2007)
Studio: Tightfit
Added on: Mar 8th, 2007
Starring: Ariel X, Lexi Bardot, Mika Tan, Nikki Nievez

Movie Synopsis: All-girl, autoerotic, self-asphyxiation.
1.7 stars
Avg. Rating: 1.7 stars





Jesse Loves Pain from Vivid Jesse Loves Pain (2007)
Studio: Vivid
Added on: Apr 16th, 2007
Starring: Adrianna Nicole, Chanta Rose, Charlotte Stokely, Claire Adams, Gia Paloma, Jenna Presley, Jesse Capelli

Movie Synopsis: The third pain’s the sweetest…
3.1 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.1 stars





Andrew Blake X from Studio A Andrew Blake X (2007)
Studio: Studio A
Added on: May 24th, 2007
Starring: Aaron, Aria Giovanni, Claudia Cavassa, Cytherea, Dana DeArmond, Faith Leon, Jade Starr, Jelena Jensen, Katrina Kat, and more…

Movie Synopsis: X depicts bold themes of bondage and release, public nudity and voyeuristic body worship…
3.0 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.0 stars





Cruel Persuasions from Totally Tasteless Video Cruel Persuasions (2007)
Studio: Totally Tasteless Video
Added on: Jun 4th, 2007
Starring: Lady Olivia, Shay Sights, Stacy Burke, Tori Sinclair

Movie Synopsis: We got you whipped!
0.0 stars
Not Yet Rated





Bound To Please from Digital Sin Bound To Please (2007)
Studio: Digital Sin
Added on: Mar 23rd, 2007
Starring: Alexis Love, Ashlynn Brooke, Belle Bond, Erik Everhard, Kimberly Franklin, Manuel Ferrara, Mark Ashley, Mister X, and more…

Movie Synopsis: Five souls–their fates intertwined, their bodies bound together…
3.0 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.0 stars

checked out




Taboo #5 from Hustler Taboo #5 (2006)
Studio: Hustler
Added on: Jan 20th, 2006
Starring: Barbara Summer, Brooke Haven, Haley Paige, Jack Lawrence, Jerry, Melissa Lauren, Mia Bangg, Michelle B., Talon, Van Damage

Movie Synopsis: Prepare yourself for another darkly kinky and highly erotic presentation of all that is Taboo. This is an offering of dominance, bondage, and submission for those with … read more
2.6 stars
Avg. Rating: 2.6 stars





Odyssey from VCX Odyssey (2006)
Studio: VCX
Added on: Apr 6th, 2006
Starring: Bobby Astyr, Boris Smith, Candy Short, Celia Dargent, CJ Laing, Crystal Sync, David Morris, Don Peterson, Ellyn Grant, and more…

Movie Synopsis: Terri Hall and Susan McBain are caught up in a world of multi-abstract erotica; experiencing a world of extreme, wanton pleasure which includes bondage, lesbianism, and … read more
1.0 star
Avg. Rating: 1.0 star





Getting Off from VCX Getting Off (2006)
Studio: VCX
Added on: Apr 7th, 2006
Starring: Desiree Cousteau, John Leslie, Serena

Movie Synopsis: There’s nothing quite like… Getting Off!
2.3 stars
Avg. Rating: 2.3 stars





Bondage Babes from Bizarre Bondage Babes (2006)
Studio: Bizarre
Added on: May 25th, 2006
Starring: Amber Michaels, Asia Carrera, Austin O’Reilly, Brittany Andrews, Brittany O’Connell, Chloe, Devastation, Layla Jade, and more…

Movie Synopsis: Two fun filled hours of bondage babes at play!
1.8 stars
Avg. Rating: 1.8 stars





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Ultimate Surrender Videos

June 5, 2007 at 5:41 pm (bdsm, kink, submission, Uncategorized, video)

3186_v9.jpgUltimate Surrender

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