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July 19, 2007 at 12:24 pm (cfnm, exhibitionism, movies, stories, submission)


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Public Toilet Slut Ch. 03 – BDSM –

July 13, 2007 at 8:16 pm (bdsm, femdom, kink, stories, submission)

Public Toilet Slut Ch. 03 – BDSM –

Public Toilet Slut Ch. 03

by dreamerboi©

I stood up, my legs trembling a little in the stockings. My ass was sore from the abuse it had received and I was sticky from the cum. I felt dirty and used, slutty, humiliated, and a little nervous. With Claire still outside anything could happen next. I put my hand around to my ass, worriedly. It came back smelling vaguely of shit and his cum. I slid my fingers in my mouth and sucked them clean, gagging slightly. It’s what she’d want me to do.

I walked out of the cubicle and over to the sinks, wobbling slightly in the heels. I could still feel that belt round my neck and his cock inside me. I felt used but at the same time I knew this was something I had wanted but not dared do until forced into it. The feel of his cock as he had pounded into me had been so erotic, so dirty.

The sinks were cracked and dirty porcelain with stained mirrors above them. By bending over and sticking my cum-stained ass out I could get my face down by the taps and splash water on it. I cleaned up as best I could then straightened up and saw my reflection in the mirror. My cock jutted out above the stockings, my nipples erect. My body was telling me it could take more. I smiled and dropped my hand down to stroke my cock briefly. I still needed to cum badly. Feeling better, I turned and walked back to the toilet. Dropping down onto the seat, I picked up the blindfold and slipped it in place. Then I waited.

Creaking noisily, the outside door opened again and I heard footsteps. Not just one set this time but more.

“Well, well, here he is” said a male voice, deep and rich. “Looks like he’s ready and waiting for us.”

“Sure, and how sexy he looks too. I can’t wait to bite those perky tits of his” came a woman’s voice. I sat up more, startled. Claire had sent in a couple. How the hell had she managed to find a couple sick enough to come into a men’s public toilet and fuck a stranger?

“I know what you’re wondering honey. I’ve had them lined up for you for a while” Claire’s voice! Oh my God! She was here with them.

“Hon, this is Bill and Kristen. I met them online a while ago and asked if they’d like to get to know you. Now they’re gonna finish you off properly. If you make it, there’ll be a lot of fun ahead for you. If you wimp out, then we’re over. Got it?” Claire said.

“Yes, I understand” I murmured nervously. God, what were they going to do to me? At the same time my nipples hardened and my cock stiffened more.

“Looks like he’s game” said Bill. He was right. I was. “Now, come out of there. Hands and knees.”

I knelt down and crawled out into the main toilet. The floor stank and stuck to the stockings. The urinals smelt strongly of stale piss.

“You can take that blindfold off now bitch, but stay down there” Claire said.

I pulled it off and looked at them. Bill was a lean, strong guy, tall and with long legs hiding an ominous bulge. Kristen was slender, skinny almost, with blonde hair and a smile. Almost a nice smile. Really it held menace. She looked hot in a short leather skirt with matching knee boots with vicious-looking spiked heels. Claire stood behind them smiling broadly, a camcorder in her hand.

“Yes hon, that’s right. We save all this for posterity and maybe my new internet site. Maybe we can make some money off of you later”.

Kristen walked over. Bending down she kissed me, her tongue pushing deep into my mouth. I sucked on it hard. It tasted good. I felt her hands seek my nipples, pulling and twisting them as she sucked my tongue harder. I heard a laugh.

“That’s right Kristen. He loves his nipple torture. See what he’ll take.” Claire filled her in on my perversions.

Kristen tightened her grip and brought tears to my eyes. My cock stiffened, feeling so hard it might explode. The pain in my nipples was intense, sexual. I saw Bill walk over, slipping his belt out of his pants. Kristen suddenly let go, looking up at her husband.

“Are you ready to make him your bitch, Bill?” she said

“Ready and willing. But lets give him a taste first” Bill said. He unzipped his pants and slid out a huge cock, bigger than the last that had fucked my ass, easily 10 inches and thick. Bill walked over to stand by his wife, and looked at me.

“Suck” was all he said. I leaned forward, my nipples stinging, and opened my mouth. I sucked his cock in and had to stretch my jaws wide open to take it. Kristen laughed.

“Look at him struggle to take it. I used to have that problem, but get enough and you adapt.” She walked away, over to Claire who was filming me suck this monster cock. Kristen started stroking Claire’s tits through her blouse making her nipples stand up and jut out. Then she reached in her pocket and came out with some clamps.

“I’ve got a present for you cocksucker. Your sexy wife here said you like nipple torture. Let’s see if you can take this.”

Kristen walked back to where I was being gradually skullfucked by Bill, who had my head clamped in his hands as his cock slid in and out. His balls stroked my chin and I reached up to fondle them. Kristen leaned over and attached the clamps to my tits, tightening them up and making me moan. She pulled a slim chain out of her other pocket and linked the two, allowing her to pull on both at once. One more slim chain came out and she knelt next to me, slipping it over the other chain and holding onto the free end. Now she could stand up and away from me but still haul on my sore tits.

Bill pulled his cock out of my mouth and dropped his pants to the floor.

“Stick that ass up high, slut. It’s time for your final fuck.” He said as he walked round behind me. I saw Claire panning round with the camera to capture the size of his cock, dripping with my spit and the look of sexual ecstasy on my face as Kristen pulled on the nipple chains. I started crawling forward to ease the pain.

“Don’t move, you bitch. Stay still” Kristen barked. I stopped. Bill pulled off his belt and stated slapping it against my ass as his wife jerked the chains. Claire filmed it all. Bill picked up the pace and really started to redden my ass. I thought back to the number of times I had spanked Claire and how hard she came afterwards, her ass red and her pussy dripping. I had never asked her to do this to me as I thought she would refuse. Now I wished I had. I must have missed out on so many good fuck sessions with her and now she was really making up for it. But I didn’t know if I would ever be the same after.

I squealed as Bill lay in hard, the belt cracking against my ass and between my legs, occasionally hitting my cock and balls. The pain was intense and matched only by that in my nipples. I could see Kristen had her free hand between her legs, inside her skirt and was stroking her pussy. I knew I wouldn’t get to taste her tonight. But maybe one day. She managed to keep pressure on the chain at the same time and I could feel my nipples stretched further than ever. Claire smiled.

“Hurts, doesn’t it? Like you used to use my tits, and spank my ass. Now look at you, you bitch. Don’t know whether to scream or cum your brain out. Your tits look so stretched I might have to get them pierced after. Put some rings through them so I can tie them to them bed and rape your ass all night long. Trouble is, you’d get off on it wouldn’t you?” she said.

Maybe I would, I thought.

Bill stopped and dropped the belt on the floor. I heard him drop to his knees and felt the head of his cock push against my stretched asshole. Earlier it might have struggled to open but since it’s recent fucking it was ready for more attention. This was what I wanted. To be a dirty slut. A bitch kneeling on a toilet floor taking a cock in my ass while my wife watched and got horny.

The head of his cock pushed into me. I lifted my ass, ready to take the pain and the full length into my bowels. Bill pushed and suddenly I stopped breathing. He had shoved the whole length into my hole. It was tight. More than tight. It stretched my asshole and filled me like it would split me open. He started to fuck me pushing in and out building a rhythm in my ass, his hands gripping my waist and stroking my stained, stocking-clad legs. My cock was rigid and begging for attention.

Kristen walked across and gave the end of the nipple chain to Claire.

“Here. Keep him honest. Don’t let go or maybe we’ll put them on you.” she said.

Claire looked a little startled but took the chain and pulled it tight. I looked down and my nipples were absolutely white, pulled out almost an inch by the chain. I looked up at her, almost begging. But I didn’t know if I was begging for it to stop or for more. She gave me more and pulled again.

As Bill slowly fucked my ass, in no hurry to come, his wife knelt down on the floor with us and started stroking my cock and squeezing my balls.

“You need to cum don’t you honey? You need it bad.” She said.

“Yes”, I gasped, “Please let me cum.”

“You can come when Bill does. And when he does you can empty your balls if you like.” Kristen looked up at Bill and nodded. He started getting faster pounding my ass.

“Let’s finish this before anyone shows up. Let’s give this slut the assfuck of his life” she said. Bill grunted and tightened his grip on me, thrusting away. My eyes watered with the pain. She never let her grip on my balls go slack, squeezing them alternately.

“Come on honey, fill his ass now” she said. He obliged. I felt Bill go rigid, his cock a solid piston ramming in and out of my ass. I was sure I’d never shit properly again but felt so sexy, so nasty. Claire moved in close with the camera, still pulling my tits hard and looked like she could cum herself right there just from watching.

Bill came, my ass filling with his hot cum boiling out of his cock. Kristen cried out in pleasure and grabbed the nipple chain from Claire’s hand, pulled it as hard as possible, ripping the clamps from my tits and making me scream in pain.

I came. And came. And came. Right over Kristen’s boots. I emptied my balls of more cum than I thought I possessed. Claire shouted in delight. Bill pulled his cock out of my ass with a pop and I felt his cooling spunk start dripping down my ass. I knew what was coming. I had no choice.

My mouth opened wide I accepted his shit-stained, cum-soaked cock and licked it clean of our juices. My tongue flicked up and down the shaft. Tasting my abused ass. My lips sucked hard on the bell end and I fondled his balls gratefully. What a fuck he had just given me! When it was clean I let it slide out and looked up at him.

“Thank you” I said.

“That’s alright” said Bill. “You weren’t bad for a first time. But you haven’t finished yet, have you?” He pointed down. I saw my cooling cum on Kristen’s boots. She looked at me and smiled.

“Clean them off bitch” she said. I lowered my head and sucked my own cum up off her toes, my tongue scooping up the cum from the leather. It was cooling and sticky. The third lot I had had today and I gagged, almost throwing up. I sucked the last lot down and knelt back looking at them all.

Claire smiled at me, pleased her slut had behaved. But I could tell she was thinking of what she could get me to do next time. Bill and Kristen kissed, her hand stroking his cock, still hanging large.

“Time to go honey” she said.

“Just need to clean this slut off first” Bill said. “Claire, come here and help wash off your bitch.”

Claire came over and lifted her skirt. She didn’t have any underwear on and I could see her trimmed pussy, the one I’d worshipped and sucked for so long. Now it looked menacing. Kristen stood next to Bill, her skirt raised, her pussy bald. The three looked at me and grinned nastily.

“Open wide bitch boy” Claire said and started pissing on me. “Don’t you move away now”. Bill and Kristen started pissing too, hot, pungent streams that ran over my face, cooled my sore nipples and over my cock.

I knelt and felt their hot piss splash in my mouth.

“Open it boy” Bill said, lifting his cock to direct it into my mouth. I swallowed what I could, feeling it mix with the cum in my stomach. This felt so degrading. I really had sunk to the depths.

They finished and Bill zipped up his cock, sliding his belt back in his jeans.

“Time to go babe” he said, taking Kristen’s arm “Let’s get out of here and go have some more fun”. They walked over to Claire and Kristen kissed her.

“Thanks for the entertainment. Hope you have fun with him. If you need us, you know where to find us.”

“Yeah, thanks” said Claire, looking elated. “It was a great session. Thanks.”

Bill and Kristen walked over to the door and with one look over their shoulder at the slut sitting on the floor, left.

Claire walked over to the far cubicle and came back with my clothes.

“Get dressed hon. time to go home.”

I stood up and started to remove the stockings. “No” she said, “you can leave those on. And the heels.” I winced. Walking home in these heels would be a killer!

I dressed and looked at Claire lovingly.

“Thanks Claire. That was mind-blowing. I might need some time to recover.”

“No problem. You can recover while I put this film on the web. Then more people can see what a slut you are. Hopefully we’ll find some more playmates. I winced. She grinned.

“Don’t worry about it, you know you want it now. You need it now.”

She was right. I did.

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In a coffin

July 12, 2007 at 8:54 pm (kink, movies, pics, submission)

The Training of O

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Boy and Mistress

July 9, 2007 at 9:14 pm (femdom, kink, stories, submission)

Boy and Mistress – BDSM –

Normally, I didn’t check my personal email at work. My boss said he didn’t monitor communications, but I didn’t trust him. It was a Friday night, my girlfriend was out of town, and I didn’t have anything to do. I was feeling a little lonely and was hoping my girlfriend sent a message saying she missed me.

I scrolled down the inbox looking for her email address. Something else caught my eye. It was my mistress’s email address. My lungs moved to my stomach and my stomach moved to my throat. I didn’t think I was going to hear from her again. I messed up the last time I was with her.

I had the nerve to forget to turn off my cell phone. I recognized my girlfriend’s ringtone, got off all fours, and answered the call. When I hung up, Mistress slapped me across my face. She cut a hole in the crotch of my jeans and sent me away. Fortunately, I was able to stop at the office to change into my spare suit before I went home to my girlfriend. I sent Mistress an apology but didn’t hear from her for months.

I didn’t know if it was going to be words of hate or the time for our next session. I felt somewhat confident when I saw very few words on the page. It meant she wasn’t chastising me. It read, ‘SATURDAY. 9AM. LAKE HOUSE. You were very naughty Boy. Mistress is not angry. Boy will have the chance to fulfill his ultimate fantasy. COME NAKED.’

Coming naked was the least of my concerns. Whenever our sessions took place at the lake house, I had to come naked. The house was in the woods so we had no worries. My only problem was she made me park on the street.

Saturday, everyone was out walking their dogs or pushing children in strollers. I had to sit in the car and wait until the coast was clear. I was several minutes late. Mistress punished by making love to me. There wasn’t any cock torture or humiliation. She repeatedly told me I was the best she ever had. I lost my erection repeatedly. She tried to make me feel better instead of humiliating me. I learned to come early.

I left work and began preparation for Mistress. She wanted me to look as boyish as possible. It was hard to make a 41-year-old look like a boy. I didn’t even look boyish when I was a teenager. I had always been muscular and suave looking. I pulled many older women when I was growing up.

I shaved off all my body hair. I hated the way it looked, but Mistress would always get what she wanted. Depending on the notice, I would try to lose a little weight to make me look skinny. I started to put on weight when I thought our arrangement ended. I would mess up my hair and usually wear sagging jeans and a wife beater to look like a punk instead of a businessman.

It was cold and raining that Saturday. I hoped we wouldn’t be going into the lake because my dick would end up little and shriveled. Mistress would not be happy. I always had to bring myself to erection before I went to the house. People jogged past and I would temporarily stop jerkin my cock until I was satisfied I was alone.

When I was at my full length and hardness, I checked to make sure the coast was clear. I rushed past the front gate. From there on, I wasn’t visible from the street. I walked casually the rest of the way. I held my cock while I walked so it wasn’t bouncing around.

There was an unexpected note on her door. It said go straight to the boat. I had been on her boat only once. It was too large and too nice for the lake, but a welcomed change of scenery. From that point forward, I did not hold my cock in case Mistress was watching.

I climbed onto the observation deck and didn’t see anyone. It was the first time I felt completely exposed. Cold rain hit me and a breeze made the water sting. My cock was completely erect and my hands were behind my back. I went down to the cabin and there was my mistress sitting naked on the couch.

I ran over to her with my hands behind my back. I got down on my knees and kissed her feet. “Thank you mistress. Thank you for inviting Boy back Mistress.”

“Stand up,” she said, jerking her feet away. “I’m glad you got my email. Good Boy. I said that you would be able to fulfill your fantasy. Does that sound good Boy?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“What is Mistress’ fantasy?”

“Mistress’ fantasy is to see Boy fucked by other men.”

“Good Boy. And what is Boy’s fantasy?”

“Boy’s fantasy is to see Boy’s girlfriend dominated by Mistress.”

“On your hands and knees.” Mistress stood up and bent over to lift up the couch cushion. I got a spectacular view of her pussy and ass. There was a cane under the cushion. It was my least favorite device she used. She slowly walked behind me. My ass was in the air and my balls were a fair target. I could feel my cock begin to shrink.

I felt the sting of the cane on my ass. It was a light hit but still painful. “Mistress’ fantasies are Boy’s fantasies, right?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“What is Boy’s Fantasy?” She rubbed the tip of the cane on my balls. I wanted to be sure to get the question right so that she wouldn’t hit my balls with the cane. Each hit was always harder than the last. Then I felt the tip of the cane follow the path from my ball sack to my asshole. She inserted the very tip of the cane into my asshole. I could barely feel it, but then I understood the question.

“Boy’s fantasy is to be fucked by men.” I had actually put that on the list of things I was unwilling to do when we made our arrangement.

“Today is Boy’s lucky day.” She removed the cane from my ass. On my hands and knees, I saw a pair of hairy legs come around the corner. I wasn’t supposed to look up while I was on my hands and knees so my eyes stayed fixed on the legs and large feet. My stomach immediately dropped.

“Go topside Miguel,” I heard Mistress say. The two legs walked past me. When I could no longer hear the footsteps, Mistress walked in front of me. “Stand up.” I was almost ten inches taller than Mistress, but she could get me to do anything she wanted.

Mistress walked back to the couch and lifted the cushion. I could tell she had out the string. She stood in front of me and looked at me for several seconds. I saw her begin to smile and I was starting to feel good, thinking she was happy to see Boy.

Her hand smacked my face. It almost put me off balance. When I straightened up, she spit in my face. I opened my mouth just in case she had more. “Close your fucking mouth. Your fucking cock is barely hard.” She reached down and started stroking my cock vigorously. I was immediately rock hard and realized how I missed her touch.

The string wrapped around my cock and balls several times. She pulled it so tight it felt as if it was cutting into my skin. My balls were bright read and the head of my cock turned purple. I hated the string. It pulled my cock down instead of letting it point up freely. She held on to the end of the rope and pulled me by my cock and balls. Fortunately, the rain had stopped topside.

I could see the man she called Miguel. He was in his early 20s and muscular. He was tan with wavy hair. He would have made any woman crazy. “How does Boy like the man Mistress has been spending time with since Boy fucked up?”

“Boy likes him very much Mistress.”

“Excellent Boy. Go make Miguel hard.” I looked at Miguel who had spread his legs and scooted to the edge of the chair. His balls hung over the edge. I started to feel so uncomfortable that I almost stopped. I knew Mistress would completely sever our relationship if I did that.

I hastily moved towards Miguel and kneeled between his legs. His cock looked very small, even taking into consideration he was soft. I couldn’t see what Mistress wanted with him. I grabbed his cock. My own was throbbing.

The clouds had parted and the sun was beating down on us. My hand slid very easily up and down his cock because of the sweat that had collected there. I was hoping the other houses didn’t have people bird watching on their decks. I didn’t want anyone to see me on my knees stroking another man’s cock.

After a few strokes, I could feel his dick begin to swell. “Boy, hands behind your back,” Mistress said. I saw Miguel smile. He grabbed the base of his cock and gave it a few strokes himself. He put his hand around my head and brought me forward.

My mouth opened the same way it would if Mistress was going to spit on me. He moved my head down onto his cock and pushed my head slowly down his cock. I gagged, feeling its limp, softness lying against my tongue. He guided my head up slowly and then brought it back down. I could feel it getting harder and thicker by the second.

At full harness, he held my head in place and began thrusting his cock in my mouth. Mistress walked over and sat beside Miguel. She took his hands from my head and put them on her breasts. I kept taking the full length of his cock. Surprisingly, it was probably 8 inches. Mistress flicked her tongue against Miguel’s and their lips pressed together.

I wanted to bite down on his cock and have mistress all to myself. Jealousy was starting to and I was about to explode. Her skin was glistening in the sun. The sun reflecting off the boat illuminated her beautiful golden tan. The wind blew out her hair. She looked amazing and I wanted her attention, but I kept sucking that fucking asshole’s cock.

Miguel violated Mistress for several long minutes. I knew there was no way he could satisfy her like Boy. Miguel leaned his head back, closed his eyes, and I continued to swallow his cock with my hands still behind my back.

“That’s really good Boy,” she said standing next to me. “Boy is enjoying sucking cock more than Mistress thought.” She pushed me hard and I fell over onto the deck. “On your fucking back. Spread your fucking legs.”

I did as told. The string kept my cock from going soft while I sucked Miguel’s cock. I hated the experience. She walked over to me and started jerking off my cock with her toes. The red polish on her big toe reminded me of the time she let me cum on her feet. I felt a surge in my cock and my body jumped. “Boy likes sucking dick. Boy is rock hard after swallowing Miguel’s man cock.”

She ran her toe from the tip of my cock, down my shaft and balls, and to my asshole. I felt her putting pressure on it with her toe. We had not explored that area. The skin around my puckered ass hole was so sensitive to her touch. I felt my cock growing wider causing the string to tug tighter.

“Boy’s fantasy is about to come true. Boy acted so ugly last time that he still has to be punished. Mistress knows how much Boy wants a cock shoved into his ass so Mistress won’t punish Boy by taking that away. Boy is going to take every inch of Miguel’s cock with only Boy’s spit as lube.”

My eyes widened and I stared at Mistress. I almost didn’t believe her, but Mistress doesn’t lie She waved for Miguel to come over. Mistress bent down and cut the string from my cock and balls. My balls fell so much relief as they hung in their normal position and my cock rested against my stomach.

Miguel stroked his cock between his thumb and forefinger. Then he grabbed it by the base and put it against my balls. He bounced my sack up and down with the tip of his cock. I felt pre cum dribbling onto my stomach. The sensation was incredible.

“Hold your ass open Boy.” I grabbed my ass with both of my hands and spread my cheeks as wide as I could. Miguel rubbed his cock head up and down as if he was rubbing the slit of a pussy. I had anal sex with my x-wife and girlfriend so I knew lube was necessary.

He pressed his cock against my asshole. My sphincter muscles gave him some resistance. He put his hands to my side and got on top of me in missionary position. I felt like some scared girl about to lose her virginity.

Soon he thrust his cock into me really hard and grunted. I felt tearing pain as his cock shoved deep into my bowels. He closed his eyes as if they were burning from pleasure. I wanted to knock him off me, but my hands never left my ass. He gave me slow hard thrusts. His cock stimulated my prostate and pain turned to pleasure.

I noticed a shadow move in front of me and I opened my eyes. Mistress was lowering her pussy to my face. I stuck out my tongue to taste her sweet pussy juice. It was a treat for Mistress to let Boy taste her. I held out my tongue and let the rhythm of Miguel’s thrusting guide my tongue across her pussy.

I let go of my ass with one hand and put my thumb against her clit. She grinded against my thumb. I could taste her juices flowing into my mouth. I knew she was going to cum soon. She sat completely on my face and I couldn’t breath. I turned my head from side to side, hoping my nose rubbing her slit was getting her off. She put her hands on my chest and moved her pelvis back and forth. I felt her body spasm and shiver over my face. She rocked forward a few more times, and then lifted herself off, my face covered in cum

Reality hit me as I was gasping for air. Mistress had already cum, so I wasn’t going to be able to fuck Mistress and I had a cock balls deep in my ass. Miguel kept plowing away at my ass as if he didn’t realize Mistress came.

I watched Mistress walk over to the bench. She clapped her hands for Miguel to stop. Miguel pulled out of me and sat beside her. I felt emptiness that I wanted filled. I stayed on my back with my cheeks spread wide. My asshole contracted and relaxed into its gaping position.

“Get up Boy. Come ride Miguel’s cock.” I did as told. I felt silly being a grown man sitting in this guy’s lap. He just sat there with his legs spread and his hard cock pointed up. I could never last that long at his age.

I had women in that position so man times but felt awkward doing it myself. I put my hands on his shoulders to steady myself. I put one leg on each side of him and lowered myself down. Miguel grabbed my cock and rubbed it on his cock head. Some of our pre cum mixed. I positioned myself over his cock and he pointed it towards my gaping asshole.

I had to let him in my ass instead of having my asshole virginity taken by force. It was fulfilling having his cock sliding up my ass. I held my ass to make it easier to slide his cock in and out. Miguel put his hands behind his head and watched me in action.

I started working faster on his cock. I looked at Mistress and saw how pleased Mistress was. I worked faster. Mistress leaned over, grabbed my cock, and started stroking expertly. With every stroke, I could feel cum building, ready to pop all over Miguel’s stomach.

Mistress let go of my cock and I immediately took over. I squeezed my hand tightly around my cock, but imagined it was Mistress’ tight pussy. I jerked it so hard and fast that it took me less than ten strokes to cum. Streams of hot, white, creamy cum went all over Miguel’s stomach. I looked down at my work. It was the biggest load I produced in a long time.

I collapsed onto Miguel’s chest as he bucked his cock into my ass. I felt my balls draw up into my body and drop back down. It hurt feeling Miguel drill into my ass after I came. When I could hardly stand it, he grabbed me by the waist and pushed me down hard on his cock. My ass hole contracted around his cock as he slowly pulled me up. My ass felt slick as he pulled his cock out of my ass. Cum dripped out of my gaping hole and Miguel pushed me off him.

“That was good Boy. Lick Miguel clean.” It was so humiliating. I lapped up my cum like a dog drinking out of a lake. The taste was fowl, but I swallowed it all. I felt how hard Miguel’s stomach was with my tongue. I started feeling self-conscious about the softness of my belly. I was going to work on myself for Mistress.

“That was excellent Boy. I am happy your fantasy came true.”

“Thank you Mistress. Boy enjoyed it.”

“Until next time, Boy. Leave me here with Miguel.” I felt jealousy rise in me again. I wanted to knock Miguel into the water, but I couldn’t even look at the guy who just fucked my ass. My cock was shrinking so decided it was best to leave.

On my way to the car, I could still feel Miguel’s cum leaking out of me. I felt like such a cock whore. My asshole was throbbing. My cock didn’t even get to pleasure Mistress. I still didn’t like cock, but if Mistress wanted me to take another cock, I would spread my legs again. I went back home and spread out on the couch. I never bothered to dress. I replayed the day in my head and jerked off. I shot cum all over my chest and thought about my cum covering Miguel’s stomach. I fell into a blissful sleep.

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Ultimate Surrender Videos

June 5, 2007 at 5:41 pm (bdsm, kink, submission, Uncategorized, video)

3186_v9.jpgUltimate Surrender

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Femdom Delivery – BDSM –

June 4, 2007 at 7:14 pm (bdsm, discipline, kink, submission)

Femdom Delivery – BDSM –

Get Dominated here.  

My girlfriend Mika had been away on a consulting gig for a week and we had another three to go before we were reunited. We’d only been dating for a few months but overall we liked where things were going. More or less. I like pretty strong and aggressive women and have fantasized about having my girlfriend take a more assertive and controlling role in the bedroom. I had nothing to do that Saturday and I was bored and horny. Fantasies of my girlfriend tying me up and taking advantage of me were playing through my head and I was ready to get rid of my tremendous hard-on just so I could get on with the day. Mika had left some panties in my dirty clothes hamper and I was feeling pretty nasty so I was soon laid out on the couch, her silky pink panties rubbing up and down on my dick while I dreamed about Mika sitting on my face. BZZZ! BZZZZ! The doorbell cut through my fantasies. No way was I going to put on some clothes and go down and answer the door. I wasn’t expecting anyone and I was far more interested in coming than dealing with Jehovah’s Witnesses. BZZZZ! BZZZ! The doorbell vanquished my hope of continuing uninterrupted. I threw on some gray nylon windpants and went downstairs to open the door.

I threw open the door and there was a FedEx deliverywoman in white shorts facing slightly away from me. She was bent over looking down at a small white box, checking it with her scanner. Her long black hair flowed slightly in the breeze and as she shifted her weight on her long lean tanned legs I was gaping at her tight ass stretching her shorts, panty lines clear through the white fabric. As she turned her head up to look at me, her eyes caught two things- one, that my hard-on had not diminished as quickly as I thought it would and that I was excited enough to stain the front of my windpants with my precum and two, that Mika’s panties had gotten caught on the velcro of the pant’s pocket. She stood up to her full height, smiling through her dark aviator glasses at me. “Oh, I’m sorry. I guess you’re…busy”. The way her honeyed voice emphasized ‘busy’, she made it clear she had a pretty good idea of what I was doing. I blushed a little as she continued, “I have a package for you but you look like you already have one”. “Uh”, I replied smartly. She stepped closer to me and I stepped backwards through the door, feeling somewhat like I’d been caught doing something wrong by a teacher in grade school.

She closed the door, dropped the package on the floor and grabbed my package, tightly rubbing the wet nylon on my now rock hard dick. I gasped at the sensation, my mind reeling at the possibilities and bumping with adrenaline. “Do you like it, you naughty boy?” Her hand tightened on my cock, underlining ‘naughty’. “Yes”, I whispered. “Oh”, she laughed, “I don’t think we are on such familiar terms. Call me Miss Yang.”

“Yes, Miss Yang”. “Good. I already know your name and where you live, Greggy, you filthy little jerker. Whose panties are these?”

“Umm, they’re my girlfriend’s…and my name is Greg”, I stated, trying to regain some dignity. She wasn’t having it, “Ooooh, Greg, that’s a big boy’s name, not fit for a little panty-sniffing jerkoff who’s cheating on his girlfriend. And you didn’t call me Miss Yang”, her hand gripped my balls tightly through the nylon. “Yes, Miss Yang”. “Now that I have you attention, Greggy, I am in a hurry and you’ve got to finish what you’ve started.” With that she pushed me onto the stairs. I gasped as the stair hit me between the ribs. She didn’t even take off her boots but just slipped her white shorts over them and stood above me, her swollen pussy shining wetly through her thin white panties. I was in awe of this woman’s strength and power and how quickly she established her dominance of me.

My awe was short-lived as she knelt down over my face and ground her panties into my nose. “Work fast, Little Greggy”, she said as she settled in on top of me, her boots pinning my arms down and her wet panties pressing against my face. As soon as I started licking her, this goddess just began grinding on me. I was surprised at how little I could breathe as she used her weight and position to envelop my nose and mouth in her essence. Her hands gripped the back of my head, pulling me in deeper, cutting off my oxygen all together. She ground her clit up and down on my nose, just fucking my face. I could feel her need as the sticky wetness covered my face and she humped my nose harder. She knew what she was doing, no question about it. Her pace quickened, and I fell into her rhythm, timing my breathing to coincide with the movement of her hips. Her strokes became longer as she really started going for it. She was grunting with the effort as her movements quickened; she pulled off my face and then slammed back into it, grinding her pussy in a circle on my nose and then she backed off again before thrusting forward again. My tongue barely came into play, even though I tried to use it to give this amazing woman more pleasure. My neck and shoulders screamed with pain as her weight forced them against the stairs, the rug burning my back. As she pressed her pussy against my face I could feel my nose go into her soaking slit and she gasped, pushing harder. She pushed her panties to the side; she was close and replaced her humping action with just rubbing her open slit up and down nose, pausing at the tip to really work her hard clit. My breathing became a sucking sound through her wetness and I could feel myself getting light headed from the lack of oxygen. I started to struggle harder against her, but this only spurred her on, “Ohh, what’s the matter, Greggy-boy? Can’t the little panty-jerker breathe? Oooo…uhhh…uhhh…little stroker…panty faggot…unhh…unnh…UNNHH!” She flooded my face as she peaked, her hands tightly wound around the back of my head, my nose deep in her pussy. She held me there for a moment; the only sound the sound of her heavy breathing as she came down. She moved her body up for a moment and I gasped in the cool air. I opened my eyes and found her looking down at me, eyes still inscrutable through the dark glasses. Her hand made a wet slapping sound as she patted my face, “Nice work, Greggy. I hope your lady gets to fuck your face like that.” She stood and I was looking right up this beautiful woman’s long legs to her shining inner thighs, wet with her come.

Disappointment welled up as I thought this amazing encounter was about to end. Instead she turned around, pulled her panties off, placed both boots behind my shoulders and sat down on my face again. “What’s the matter, Greggy, you never licked ass before?” her hand slapped my now soaking crotch as she asked the question. My tongue flicked out and she gasped as it touched her rim. “Oooh, you are a little asslicker, aren’t you?” She pushed down on my shoulders with her boots and her sphincter opened against my mouth, “Clean out my ass, shitlicker.” My cock surged as she berated me. “Oh, look at the little rimmer’s pee-pee, all hard as he sucks my ass”, her hand beating out a little rhythm on my dick, which only swelled in response to the rough treatment. “Oooh, shitty likes his dickie whacked—that’s what you were doing, whacking off, right?” Her ass pressed hard against my face, my nose deep in her hole. She grunted and I felt her asshole open even more, swallowing my nose. I’ve never been more excited- my wildest fantasies were being played out. One hand of hers was rubbing her clit, the other slapping my cock erratically. She started moving tightly back and forth on my face, lifting up slightly to shift her position and give me air before sliding my nose back into her asshole. Her slapping became harder as she closed on her orgasm, “Oooh, assboy likes my funk. Suck my ass, panty pussy.” Her hand gripped my balls and I closed my mouth around her asshole, sucking madly. The slapping resumed, “That’s it, Greggy, suck my filthy hole. Get it all in there. Yeah, baby, little asslicking faggot, get some tongue in there. MMMmmmm. That’s it. Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Her ass was now firmly against my nose, grinding it deeper and deeper into her funky hole and her hand was now a quick staccato against my swollen cock, the wetness of my nylon pants intensifying the sensation. Her other hand worked her clit, stroking it, tugging it, slapping it. I could barely hear her gasps of pleasure as her butt cheeks became my world. As my own orgasm neared I started spearing her asshole hard with my tongue. “Good good good, GOOD Greggy, that’s it. Work the tongue. Hnnh, hnnnh, hnnh, AAHHH!” As she hit her orgasm her entire body froze, taut with the pleasure ripping through her. Her hand stopped slapping my cock as she just rested on my face, occasionally grinding her open asshole down.

She stood up, pulled on her panties and shorts, me just looking up at her in awe, my face and nose covered in her ass and pussy juices, cock streaming precum through my pants. She fixed her hair, smoothed the front of her shirt, and then looked down at me, “Well, aren’t you a sight, Greggy, little pee-pee all hard and face wet with my come. Do you wanna come?” I nodded and she laughed, a tinkle like breaking glass, “What do you say, boy?”

“I want to come, Miss Yang.”

“No, no, that won’t do. You’ve got to ask, silly boy.”

“Miss Yang, please may I come?”

“Not bad. I’ll take that.” She reached down and pulled me up. I thought, please god, please a blowjob. Wasn’t going to happen. She turned me around and wrapped her arms around me, pulling my nipples through my shirt and stroking my cockhead through my pants. I was wired so tight by this point that I was sure I was going to explode in a second. She sensed it and stopped stroking my cock, moving her hand around to my ass and sliding it down my crack. As her index finger dipped into the cleft of my asshole, my body jumped involuntarily. “Oh, I knew you were an assman”, she whispered in my ear, “I bet you dream of your girlfriend finger fucking your ass or working her vibrator up your chute.” My cock leapt at her words and there was laughter in her voice as she continued, “Do you wanna get your ass reamed, Greggy, do you want me to fuck your little tight hole?” I blushed and nodded. “No no”, she laughed, “You’ve got to ask me for it, don’t you?”

“Miss Yang, will you please, uh, touch my ass”, I asked lamely. Her fingers pinched tightly on my nipple and I gasped in pain, “Look, faggot, you’ve got one chance to ask me right or I’m gone.”

“Please Miss Yang, use my ass. Fuck my butt, please”, I knew I was bright red with embarrassment at my longing. “Why of course I will, Greggy, what kind of a woman would I be if I didn’t fuck your little hole for you”, her finger tracing up and down along my crack, me moving in response. She stopped pinching my nipple and pushed me forward. My hands caught the stairs as she pulled back on my hips, thrusting my ass into the air. She efficiently tugged my pants down just over my ass, grabbed the back of my neck with one hand, and started spanking my ass. “This is for taking too long to answer the door. Whack! And this is for being a little panty sniffer! Whack Whack! For jerking off! Whack! Whack! Whack! For cheating on your girlfriend! Whack! WHACK! WHACK! For being a little asslicker! WHACK! For wanting me to even touch your filthy hole! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!” The last spank came down hard right on my asshole and if her hand weren’t pressed down on my neck I would have jumped ten feet into the air. I didn’t know whether to start crying, come, or beg for mercy or for more. My ass cheeks were on fire, my cock still rigid in my pants and my mind was reeling from the overstimulation. Her hand was now just stroking my ass, circling slowly towards my asshole, brushing slightly against it, her chuckling as I involuntarily shuddered against the contact. She pushed her finger against my hole as if testing its resistance. And then she stopped for a moment, stood up, “Don’t move, Greggy, or I’ll walk out right now.” I could hear her rustle in her pockets and the squirt of a liquid into her hand.

I was laying there, reddened ass in the air, feeling very exposed and vulnerable. And incredibly turned on. I would have done anything for this woman at this moment. The cool hand cream on my asshole made me jump. Her finger slid easily into my asshole. “Not so virginal after all, are you Greggy? Whose played with your ass before? Hmmm?” Her finger pushed deeper, stretching my asshole. “Well? Whose done before?”

“Uh, my other girlfriends have,” I offered uncertainly. She laughed, “I don’t think so, baby, tell me the truth”. Her index finger tried to join her forefinger in my ass. “I’ve played with my ass”, I admitted. “I know you have, baby, I know”, her second finger pushing my asshole open, the two fingers starting to twist around in my ass. I gasped at the intense sensations and she giggled, “Little Greggy’s fucked his own ass and now I’m fucking it for him. What do you say, Greggy?”

“Please, Miss Yang, thank you for fucking my ass. Please…” My voice trailed off as her fingers started stroking back and forth in my hole and I moaned in pleasure. “Oh, look at the little panty sniffing faggot getting his ass fucked. On his knees, facedown, getting reamed by a stranger.” She pushed my pants over my cock and I almost came as I felt my girlfriend’s panties wrap around my dick but she gripped it tight, preventing me from blowing my load, “Ooh, the little stroker likes his cock in panties. Don’t you?”

“Yes,” I moaned. She pushed forward against me, forcing my head against the stair, pushing my ass even more into the air and started stroking me, her fingers plunging in and out of my ass, “Ooo, you like it, don’t you faggot? You like being my little ass bitch, getting fucked by a girl, stroked by your chick’s panties. Come on, whore, beg me to let you come.”

“Please oh please let me come, Miss Yang”, I gasped hopelessly, “Fuck my ass. Fuck me fuck me fuck me!” Her hand was a blur on my cock—I was looking at the angry red cockheard poking through the panties as she shimmied my dick hard, her other hand plunging in and out of my ass. “Come on bitch, beg me to paint your face with your come!”

“Oh oh oh Oh”, I was almost beyond words, “Please let me come, please let me shoot all over my face!”

“Yeah bitch, who likes it the ass, who loves having his faggot ass fucked!”

“Me! Me!” I grunted, “Fuck my ass. Fuck me hard. Oh god oh god oh god! AAAHHHHHH!!” My cock erupted, blasting the first shot of semen right up my nose, the subsequent shots showering my face with come. “MMmmm”, she murmured as my ass clenched her fingers involuntarily. I was breathing hard, like I’d just run a marathon. Her fingers popped out of my ass and she wiped them on my girlfriend’s panties, tossing them down next to my come-covered face. She stood up, straightening her uniform. I couldn’t move, totally drained from the intense experience.

“Oh and by the way”, she said as she scooped up the box and opened the door, allowing anyone walking by to see me lying there covered in my come, face still glazed with her ass and pussy juices and my girlfriend’s panties next to my head, “You didn’t sign for the package. I’ll try and redeliver it this afternoon at the end of my shift.” She smiled through her dark shades, tossed her hair and bounded down the stairs. I could hardly wait.

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Anastasia’s Journey (with pics and video)

May 31, 2007 at 6:55 pm (bdsm, discipline, kink, stories, submission, video)

Anastasia’s Journey

by DJMarie©


To give herself to a man who understood that she was an anal slut by nature and who would enjoy training her as his own personal “butt slut” to be used for hisAnastasia had always wondered what it would be like to be completely owned by a man. pleasure. But Anastasia also always questioned whether or not she would be able to give herself over to someone else so completely. To be owned and always be obedient of someone else’s commands was NOT in her nature. Still, Anastasia wondered what it would be like. Anastasia had been talking for a long time to a man on line named Hank. They talked often about her curiosity about being a man’s sex slave. Hank had been in the lifestyle for years and Anastasia respected his thoughts and opinions. When they had exchanged photographs, she was also very attracted to him physically. Then one day, as they were talking, again about her curiosity, the conversation became much more serious than in the past. Hank was pointing out that there was really only one way for Anastasia to find out if this was something that she might really want. Anastasia would have to actually live it for a period of time. Hank suggested a very set period of time where Anastasia would agree to relinquish all control to a man. A period of time for which Anastasia couldn’t change her mind in the middle, so Anastasia could get a full understanding of what it would mean to be owned.

Certainly doing something like that would certainly help Anastasia to learn what it was like. However, Hank was quite surprised when Anastasia asked him if he would be willing to carry out the “experiment” with her. While the two of them had been speaking for quite a while on line and on the phone, they had never actually met in person. Hank’s surprise didn’t last long, and he quickly agreed. Anastasia suggested a long weekend, but Hank convinced her that in order for Anastasia to really get a “feel” for being owned, it would take much longer than a weekend. “After all,” Hank said, “very little REAL progress can be accomplished in three short days.” Hank wanted Anastasia to come and train with him for a month, Anastasia couldn’t possibly get away for that long. Finally they settled on ten days.
Once they agreed on the time frame, they began to discuss all of the other details. This was not going to be one of those “no limits” types of things, but rather something much more controlled. Hank told Anastasia to provide him with a list of things Anastasia absolutely saw as a hard limit, a list of things Anastasia was very curious about, and a list of things that Anastasia really wanted to experience during their time together. Already taking charge, Hank told Anastasia she had a mere twenty-four hours to provide him with the three lists. Once he received them and read them over, Hank told Anastasia that he would of course abide by all of her hard limits, but that during their time together he would have complete control over everything else. They discussed more details and then set a date for Anastasia to fly down to meet Hank. Hank intentionally set the date several weeks away to make sure that all of the plans could be carried out smoothly.

During those weeks before Anastasia’s flight, Hank and Anastasia talk regularly, but not very much about their upcoming time together. Once when Anastasia asked him about it, he tells her that since all of the details that needed discussing have been worked out, he sees no reason to discuss it further. Hank reminds Anastasia that if she has any questions or concerns, she should certainly bring them to his attention and he will address them, but other than that, he sees no need to discuss it. Hank tells Anastasia ominously that when there are things he wants her to know or prepare for, he will let her know, just as he has done since they began.

A few days before her flight, a package arrives in the mail for Anastasia. It contains a very feminine skirt that reaches just below her knees, a blouse just as feminine, although the blouse is very low cut, and a pair of four-inch high heels to complete the outfit. Included with the outfit is a note from Hank. In his note, he tells Anastasia that this is what he would like her to wear on the flight down. Anastasia is to wear nothing that was not included in the box, and Anastasia is to bring no luggage with her at all. Hank will have everything Anastasia needs when she arrives.

Finally the day arrives for Anastasia to get on the plane. She follows Hank’s instruction to the letter, wearing only what was sent to her, and brings nothing but her handbag with her flight information and identification. The flight seems to take forever even though in reality it is a very short trip. As Anastasia disembarks from the plane, she quickly finds the newsstand where Hank told her to meet him. As he instructed, Anastasia stands looking at the adult magazines. Suddenly, Anastasia hears a voice behind her, “That outfit looks even better on you from behind than I had imagined.” Anastasia spins around to find herself face to face with Hank at last. “Did you enjoy your flight?” he asks, smiling down at her.

Now that Anastasia is standing here next to Hank, she finds herself momentarily unable to utter a sound, so she just looks at Hank and nods. “Come, let’s go get something to drink and talk for a bit.” Without waiting for an answer, Hank takes Anastasia by the arm and leads her out of the newsstand and guides her over to the cafe. Ordering coffee for both of them, he then lead her to a table in the corner pulls out her chair and tell her to sit down. Still not speaking, Anastasia sits.

Finally finding her voice again, Anastasia thanks Hank for the coffee, takes a sip and then waits for him to speak. Hank sits silently for a few moments, drinking his coffee and watching her. “So you are finally here. Anastasia am very pleased and happy to see you.”

“Did you think that I wouldn’t come? After all of the planning and discussing? After I told you that I wanted to come?”

“I thought that perhaps you might back out at the last moment, yes. After all, it is a very big commitment to give complete control to someone else, even if just for a short period of time.”

Anastasia looks down into her coffee cup. “Yes, it is a very big commitment. But I told you that I wanted to come here, and I don’t go back on my word.”

“I see. So you are here only because you gave me your word?” You ask incredulously.

“No, of course that isn’t the only reason! I came here because I want to be here. With you.”

“You have no second thoughts? No doubts? No worries?” Hank fires the questions at her rapidly. Anastasia continue staring into her coffee cup and doesn’t answer him immediately. Hank reaches out and touches her hand as he tell her, “It is completely normal and natural to be nervous about what is happening. But if you are having second thoughts, Anastasia, you need you to tell me. It’s ok, I won’t be angry with you. We will have a nice visit and enjoy our time together, but I will let you out of our agreement until another time when you think you are ready.”

Immediately, Anastasia’s head snaps up and she looks Hank straight in the eye as she says, “I am ready now. Of course I have had second thoughts, doubts and worries. But I have dealt with them and I am ready to do this. I WANT to do this. I NEED to do this.”

“Anastasia, I just want to make sure you understand. Once we step outside the door to this airport, you will not be permitted to change your mind. Our time together will proceed exactly as planned, and for the duration of your visit, Anastasia, I will own you completely. I will train, discipline and punish you in whatever manner I feel is best, and you will have no say in the matter at all. So if you are the least bit unsure, you must tell me.”

For a moment, Anastasia looks back down at her coffee cup. “I thought long and hard before I left my house this morning. But if I were not sure I wanted to follow through with this, I would not be sitting here with you right now. I understand that I will not be able to change my mind. I don’t want to change my mind. So as far as I am concerned, you own me completely right now. You began owning me the minute I put on this outfit and got on the plane.”

“Well, then…we had best get going, hadn’t we? My home is about an hour from here, and I have many things I want you to learn today.” Hank scoops up their coffee cups and taking her arm, leads Anastasia out the door of the airport to begin her new (even if it is temporary) life as his slut.


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Transexual bondage dvd

May 31, 2007 at 5:18 pm (bdsm, discipline, dvd, kink, submission, transexual)

tsbond.jpgSome hot TS bondage Image Hosting by

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