CFNM thought.

July 23, 2007 at 11:21 am (cfnm, exhibitionism, kink, Uncategorized)

There seems to be two kinds of CFNM. The kink breaks down into two subcategories, as far as I can tell.

There’s the submissive male, stripper people. Which is where I first encountered it. This is usually a scene where a man, often a stripper, is naked in front of a bunch of women. Often the women have tricked him, coerced or forced the male to remove his clothes. This often ends in the women masturbating the man into orgasm.

The other type is the prostitute fantasy, as I call it. Where the man is naked but the woman is clothed, and she gives him a blowjob and handjob. This is often one on one and seems to be more of a normal oral sex act with just a little twist: the man is naked but the woman isn’t. This one really seems to be more about the clothing. The submissive scenario seems to be more about the man being embarrased. Like it’s a form of exhibitionism. The prostitute fantasy seems to be about the woman wearing clothes and being in a rush.

I was right. They call it positive CFNM and negative CFNM. I’m learning all kinds of things about this fetish. It’s new to me. Apparently CFNM was invented on this site, Sensations for Women.  From there it got out into the general population. It’s been picked up by print porn mags and has grown beyond the initial community that started it.

Apparently the boys aren’t letting the girls play, according to this post. Maybe there’s a female friendly board out there. That sounds like more fun for me, anyway.

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some fetish stuff

July 14, 2007 at 6:18 pm (Uncategorized)

I found these old fetish pics from a site. It was a horrible, spammy site, otherwise I would link to it. These are all old enough to be in the public domain.

It’s interesting to see that the old folks were doing the same things we are. And when we’re old we’ll probably still be doing them.

[rockyou id=77099260]

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I thought this was hot

July 8, 2007 at 9:33 pm (Uncategorized)

footstock.jpgHog Tied

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Suburban Dominatrix « Purusing Flickr one image at a time

June 29, 2007 at 4:44 pm (Uncategorized)

Suburban Dominatrix « Purusing Flickr one image at a time

moms into bondage!

Image Hosted by
Shot at 2007-06-29

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Oriental Delight « Purusing Flickr one image at a time

June 17, 2007 at 4:30 pm (Uncategorized)

asbond.jpgOriental Delight « Purusing Flickr one image at a time

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The Dog – BDSM –

June 14, 2007 at 7:06 pm (Uncategorized)

The Dog – BDSM –

The Dog

by GirlWithBoots©

Haven’t been writing much lately, so this will hopefully kick my butt into gear. This the beginning of a story I haven’t finished. If you like it, let me know and I’ll continue. If not…

Usual warnings. Some of what is contained in this story likely isn’t a good idea in real life. Use your brains. Literature is literature, no more, no less.


He lay next to Her, listening to Her soft, even breath of sleep. He had been listening to Her for an hour now, by the digital clock, and still He couldn’t fall asleep. With balls aching and images from earlier in the night running in loop through his brain, he didn’t expect to sleep any time soon.

For hours he had worshipped Her body, bringing Her to her first orgasm with his fingers from behind. Then finally She gave him something he had been begging for for days; She had queened him, smothering him, drowning him in Her sweet beautiful pussy, sitting on his face, writhing through an intense orgasm achieved with his tongue deep inside Her. She had tormented him mercilessly throughout, bringing him over and over again to the brink of orgasm and denying him each time, usually with Her hand but a few times with her amazingly skilled mouth. So pleased She had seemed with him, that he was almost certain She would let him cum, but claiming exhaustion from two such intense orgasms, she merely locked him up with a kiss on his forehead and fell into quick sleep.

As She found the male chastity device he wore during the day uncomfortable to sleep against, She had come up with an alternative. His hands were loosely cuffed, locked with small padlocks to a chain between running up to the headboard. Around his right ankle was another cuff chained to the footboard of their large wrought iron bed. The system allowed him relatively free movement and comfort but he could not lower his hands past rib level or pull his body very far up in the bed. This set-up very effectively prevented him from touching his genitals in any way. In some ways this was worse than his Curve. Because She milked him at least once a day, he had yet to have any nocturnal orgasm and he was tortured every night by the feel of her soft skin against his body.

Unable to help himself, he nuzzled Her neck gently, breathing softly into her ear, and savored her sleepy murmurs as She cuddled her body back into his. Eventually, he fell into a light sleep with the warm sleeping smell of Her in his nose.


“Stop that! Stop that now!”

The sharp voice jarred him out of his sleep, bringing him into confused wakefulness. He lay on his side, curled somewhat and She was sitting up next to him. In the dim light filtering in from the street, he could see the angry look on Her face and cringed inside.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

At her words he became aware of his body and in horror realized he had his knees wrapped around her thigh, his cock, hard and throbbing, tight to the smooth flesh of Her leg. Even now, his hips were twitching and by the wetness he felt, he knew that in his sleep he must have being rubbing himself on Her for some time. In fact, he was only a few moments from orgasm, and only with a major effort of will did he unwrap his legs from hers and pull away.

“Mistress, I… I’m sorry… sleeping… I…”

“Shut up. You are disgusting. No control at all. Humping me in my sleep.”

“Mistress, I apologize; I’m so sorry. I was asleep. I didn’t know…”

She pulled away from him, kneeling up on the bed, towering over him like a vengeful Goddess, and he didn’t think he had ever felt such shame before. She was right, he had no control, and he had no idea how to make this horrible indiscretion up to Her.

“I thought we had been doing so well pet,” She told him in a softer voice. The anger faded from Her face, replaced by pity and disappointment. “I really thought I had been getting somewhere with you, helping you learn to control your animal urges, and now this. Humping me in the night like an animal. Just like an animal.”

Her face became thoughtful for a moment, brows furrowing slightly between her green eyes that ran over his naked body. Then her face lit up, eyes sparkling and a small smile pulled at her rosy lips. The expression was so sweet, angelic, innocent looking even, and he shuddered in terror and deeper inside, excitement. He knew this expression well. It meant that She had thought of something that pleased Her and boded very badly for him. Although inexperienced as a Domme, She more than made up for lack of worldly knowledge with a devious creativity and imagination that had brought him sobbing to Her amazing feet more than once. His desperate need to please Her was matched only by Her ability to torment and frustrate him.

“Yes, like an animal. Like a dog I think. Exactly like a dog.”

“Mistress, please-”

“Shhhh,” She whispered, laying a small finger across his lips. “No more talking now.”

She jumped from the bed and he couldn’t help but admire her body. Silky white soft skin, full breasts tapering from her ribs to her waist under a black cami, then swelling again to her rounded hips. The lace panties She wore covered and tantalized at the same time, beautifully highlighting Her gorgeously long, graceful legs. Firmly muscled thighs flowed into slim, shapely calves into incredibly delicate ankles. And her feet… How to describe her feet? Pure alabaster beauty. He had never seen their like, not even on sites dedicated to feet. And if anyone would know, it would be him. The uncountable hours he had spent online, masturbating uncontrollably to unending images of feet. In exchange for helping him in controlling his shameful addiction, She had allowed him access to the most spectacular feet he had ever dreamed of touching. Not once had he regretted begging to be Her slave.

During his silent admiration, She quickly unchained him from the bed, leaving the cuffs with their chains on him. Then Her hand was in his hair, grasping hard, and bodily She dragged him out of the bed while he scrambled to keep up with Her.

In the corner of the bedroom, embedded in the bare wood floor was a sturdy eyebolt. For him it was a place of humiliation and torment, where he spent his punishment time. Leaving less than three feet of slack, She attached a chain first between the bolt and his permanently welded collar, then the cuffs on his wrist and finally the cuff on his ankle. He was immediately impressed by how very uncomfortable this bondage would be for him. Though the chain ran freely through the bolt, with so little length between collar, cuffs and ankle, he was forced to curl himself tightly around the center point. Already he could feel strain in his shoulders, hip digging into the hard floorboards, tension that would lead to cramps in his thighs. Pulling a spare blanket from the bed, tucking it around his shivering form, She crouched next to him, stroking his hair and neck.

“Don’t cry sweet, you know I’m doing this for you, for your own good. I want you to be the best slave in the world and this is how to do it. You want to please me don’t you, make me proud?”

He fought back tears of shame and fear of pain, not wanting to begin sniveling so soon. “Yes Mistress, I want to please You more than anything. I’m so ashamed that I’ve failed You.”

“We will make it right. You sleep now and in the morning I will show you how to please me.”

“Yes Mistress, thank You for all Your thoughtfulness. I love You so much.”

“I know darling, now sleep.”

Washed in the warmth of her care and the intensity of his love for her, he fell into a drained sleep far more quickly than he would have guessed possible in such a position, and dreamt of Her through the darkest hours of the night.


Warm morning light woke him slowly, and rolling heavily onto his back he groaned as he stretched his legs out. The pain in all the muscles of his body brought the events of the night to his mind and eyes flying open, he saw his beloved Mistress kneeling next to him on the floor. The blanket was gone, and the chain removed from the bolt, but still clasped to the collar around his neck, leaving him loose to move if only his cramped body could take advantage of it’s freedom.

“Mistress,” he gasped as he tried to sit up, pain shooting through his shoulders and down his back. With Her arms wrapped firmly around him, She helped him into a sitting position. He collapsed forward, forehead on his knees, and moaned in relief as She began strongly massaging his neck and shoulders. She explained what would happen that day.

“You were very, very bad last night. No, don’t say anything, I know that you are sorry, but that isn’t enough. You need to learn your lesson and you have a lot to make up to me. I think I have come up with a way to do both those things.”

While She spoke with in a mild, explaining voice, he hung on Her every word. At once he was thrilled to know there was something that he could do that would make it better and at the same time anxious and fearful at how much pain this may cost him. It quickly became evident that just about any physical punishment would have been easier to bear than what She had planned.

“Since you have so little control over your animal urges, in punishment you will spend the day as an animal. A dog. My dog. My faithful, well-behaved, loving animal companion. From the moment I have you prepared you will no longer be a human in my eyes or your own. You are not to speak at all. At most you may bark, whine or yelp as a dog when appropriate. If this is a problem for you, I have several gags that you are familiar with that will enforce this. I hope you don’t make that necessary.

“You can’t stand; dogs don’t stand and neither will you. Rather than allow temptation to torment you for the day, I will, very kindly I believe, make this impossible for you”

In a shaking little boy voice he thanked Her.

“You’re welcome. No use of your hands today. Again, I will help you with this by making them as useful to you as paws, which is appropriate. Lastly you will be outfitted in a way that will constantly remind you of your position so that by complacency you aren’t tempted to forget you place. Now come dog.”

Standing with the chain turned leash in Her hand, She walked from the bedroom towards the living room with him crawling somewhat stiffly behind. His position allowed him a wonderful view up the short black skirt She had donned. He could even see the tops of the thigh high sheer black hose She wore, and her silky black panties. That sight and her shapely hosed feet padding before him brought him instantly to high arousal. By the time they reached the coffee table with it’s variety of carefully chosen objects on display he was virtually panting in his lust.

Ordering him up on his knees, She asked for his hands. Taking some white fabric medical tape, She began enclosing his hands. From his wrists She worked down, binding his thumb to his palm and his finger together. When finished he couldn’t even curl his hands. Effectively, he now possessed paws and with trepidation he suspected that he would not have been able to bring himself to orgasm manually even if he dared attempt such a thing.

Next, on his hands and knees, legs spread widely, Her actions explained the use of two rather incomprehensible items on the table. The sturdy white twine She wound several times around the base of his balls. Although She delighted in causing him pain in this area, today’s treatment was not truly uncomfortable, at most it sensitized, until She attached the dowel that is. Pulling his sack back between his legs as far as She could, She attached the 24″ length of wood just below his balls, but behind his thighs. The weight of the dowel pulled at him, slightly painfully, but he was confused as to its purpose until She ordered him to stand.

He quickly tried to scramble to his feet and was at a half crouch when pain ripped through his testicles, deep into his belly, bringing sudden nausea. Knees folding beneath him, he fell forwards with his useless paws clutched over himself, face pressed to the floor groaning. Over him, he could hear Her clapping Her hands, and in his mind’s eye could see Her happy smile with excitement lighting it.

“Oh it works! This is great, just wonderful. I wasn’t totally certain if it would work or not, but this is so great!”

His Mistress knelt down next to him, and taking his chin in the palm of her hand, pulled him up on his hands and kneels, forcing him to release his aching balls to support himself. Intently She peered into his eyes, her smile widening at the tears still welling.

“That hurt a lot didn’t it? See, now you won’t be tempted to try to stand. Aren’t you glad you won’t have to fight that? But it does seem to need some adjusting.”

He nodded vigorously, afraid that speaking even now might anger Her, making her change Her mind about loosening it. Feeling Her hands between his legs, releasing the twine where it was tied to the dowel, he moaned at the relief to his painful testicles. The ending of pain more enjoyable than just about any pleasure he had felt. The relief lasted only seconds. With a firm hand wrapped around his balls, She began stretching them backwards. It wasn’t the wrenching agony of before, but still, wordless, open mouthed whimpers poured from him as the tension increased second by second. Her other hand rested on his ass, preventing him from rocking backwards to relieve the pressure on his sack. When he began to fear that She had plans for castration and was on the edge of begging release, She finally knotted the twine to the dowel behind his thighs. So tightly bound were his balls that they pulled his cock down and back, pointing towards his knees. Incomprehensively he had hardened through this procedure, and flushed a brilliant red when She reached a hand between his legs to stroke his now raging hard on. He could feel the wetness Her soft fingers spread over the head, gasping at the intense combination of such pleasure with pain.

With his head hanging low, completely focused now on the sensations caused by Her hand, he didn’t notice what She was doing with the other. Feeling something smooth and moist against his asshole, his eyes flew open. The view offered between his legs was perplexing for a moment. Hair. Long black coarse hair trailed over his lower legs and just brushed the floor. He watched for a few seconds, feeling the pressure on his hole increase then it clicked. Oh no. A tail. A tail attached to a butt plug. By the feel of it a rather large butt plug.

He raised his eyes to find Her gazing at his face as She worked both hands. She had an absorbed expression, searching his eyes, drinking in everything he was feeling that showed on his face. With his eyes locked to hers for an instant he felt completely invaded by Her, as if his soul was laid out before Her for examination and torment. She was smiling.

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Broken & Humbled – BDSM –

June 8, 2007 at 9:31 pm (Uncategorized)

Broken & Humbled – BDSM –

Broken & Humbled

by jabberwok©

It all started a couple of years ago. The stress from work, and my recent divorce was wearing on my nerves. My overtime doubled, making my work days 12 hours, 7 days a week. The stress built daily, deadlines, etc. Finally it all came to a head. I showed up for work and started crying uncontrollably. Then I began to hysterically throw my paperwork all over. I just couldn’t cope. The next thing I knew the building security was called in. Then an ambulance…

I found myself in the nearest psych ward. After an initial consultation with the doctors, they told me I needed a good year in there facility to help me get a handle on things. I was given a room, where I slept it off for the next three days. One of my coworkers, Amy, stopped by my apartment upon my request. She took some clothes and brought them to me. She visited me for an hour, was very soothing, and promised to return.

So here I was for the next year. I was in the lobby with the other patients. This was a coed ward. It was noisy as they were talking loudly, watching TV. I slipped off to the side of the room by myself. A young women in her late twenties came over. Here name was Tyra. She had black hair, about 6 foot 2 to my 5 foot 5 (I was short). She looked very voluptuous and Gothic. She came over and walked right up to me. She simply said softly in my ear, “I wanna fuck you.” I politely declined and asked to be left alone. She looked a little disturbed at my answer. She then approached again and said flatly, “Take off your clothes, I wanna see, I wanna fuck.” This was getting a little uncomfortable. She reached over and pinched my ass. I was annoyed now and pulled away. I asked to be left alone. Now she walked right up to me and stared at me coldly. “I own this place, and what I says goes. You better listen or you’ll be sorry! Take off your clothes right here so I can see if I want to fuck you! You’ll be sorry if you don’t listen!”

I sharply retorted, “Fuck you!”

She just coldly stared at me. She then proceeded right toward one of the seven guards on the floor. She began to speak to one of them as they both looked over at me. Then he called about four other guards and they proceeded toward me. She was just smiling smugly at me. They came over and grabbed me by my arm, “Come with us sir!” they commanded. I was ushered into another room. Two grabbed me while the others ripped my clothes off me. No words no nothing. I screamed in protest, but they did not relent until I was naked before them. My clothes in shreds on the floor. One of them scooped them up and left. I was then told that this is what happens when someone is “caught” masturbating in the ward. I have to “redeem” myself for six months in order to earn the right to wear clothes again. I was then thrust out into the lobby again with the other patients, forty in all. Men and women stopped talking and began to stare at my nakedness. Suddenly laughter all around burst out as I turned and ran to my room totally humiliated. I went to my closet to put more clothes on in desperation. My closet was empty! My dresser draws as well! None of my clothes were anywhere! The bed was stripped of all the covers and sheets. It was just a bare mattress, as I was bare.

I sat on the bed and trembled. Suddenly my door to my room opened. It was Tyra. She smiled smugly at me. She said, “You should have listened to me. Now I say when you ever get your clothes back!” I trembled. “I suggest you kneel in front of me naked and accept your fate slave!” I ignored her and she walked out.

I hid in my room the rest of the day. After that I was so hungry I had to come out at lunch, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I walked out into the lobby. There were about 6 people there watching TV. I scurried to the front nurses station to ask about when we would be fed. The snickers started as I made my naked plight toward the desk. I asked shaking. I was told that I had to be in the front of the ward lined up with the others at 6:00PM. We would be then led to the other building across the yard to the cafeteria. I could eat then. That was three hours away. I went back to my room and contemplated. I was so hungry, I determined to endure the ridicule and get some food. 6:00 arrived.

I trembled as I walked toward the front of the ward. The line was already forming. I waited there. The laughter and snickers started, and roared for some time. There were no guards in sight, just patients. Two female patients snuck up from behind and began to pinch my ass. I scurried from there gropes. Again laughter. Again gropes. One of the men yelled at me, “What’s the matter, you gonna cry? Awwww” Everybody howled at my plight. My ass becoming bright red. A chant started in the back that all began to chime in with, “Sissy,sissy sissy!.” I proceeded down with them all as they laughed and goosed me all the way. My humiliation was worsening. I sat down alone with my food trembling.

Tyra joined me. She sat down and I lowered my eyes in shame. She said to me, “Are you ready to kneel?” I stammered, “maybe.” “Then do it now, slave.” I couldn’t bring myself to that type of public humbling. She was visibly annoyed. She then sported an evil grin. She reached under the table and grabbed my cock. She groped it over and over. My cock sprung to life. I began to squirm. Precum began to leak.. Then a whistle sounded. We were then ordered to line up now and go back to our rooms. I lined up with a huge hard on, unable in my nakedness to hide from anyone. Again the howling laughter. Then one of the girls began to yell across the room, “Were you playing with your pee pee again!” Again the howling laughter. “Come on and play so we can all see!” I turned a bright red, but strangely my cock just stood hard for all to see and twinged.

I again was ushered upstairs as the others goosed me. Pre cum was leaking every step of the way. I went straight to my room and layed on my bed. I sat there silently, my cock still hard as I thought of Tyra. I began to stroke it. I heard a loud yell outside my door from one of the girls, “You’re not playing with yourself, are you?” Again the laughter. But it was too late. I stroked one time too many. My cock began to spew all over. It squirted so far. It went all over the mattress and stained it. The door sprung open and three girls including Tyra stood there.

They shrieked, “Yuk! He just came all over everything!” The room began to be filled with onlookers. Finally the guards came in and dragged me out with the cum still dripping off my stomach. They hauled me into the showers. They pushed me up against the wall. There Tyra stood in front of me with them. “Are you ready to go out there in front of all and kneel slave?” I just stood there paralyzed. Frozen in shame and shock. “Very well then, ” She said. She left and they proceeded to hose me down like an animal.. I was given no towel because they said it was “Clothes” I walked back to my room naked, wet and shivering. My mattress was gone! I was told by the nurse they had to take it out to be washed. I could sleep out on the couch in the lobby. I waited in my room until everyone was asleep, and scurried out to the lobby couch to sleep.

When I awoke there were sounds all around me. I was on my stomach and tried to sit up. I couldn’t! I moved my arms and found a chain on my wrist attached to the legs of the couch. So were there similar chains attached to my ankles and the couch legs. I was helpless with my but slightly up in the air. I then heard Tyra coming with about 6 other girls. “I see he’s all prepped,” she said. I looked behind me at her in terror. She was carrying a big dildo, about 8 inches in length. She began to prod my asshole. I began to wimper and beg as I realized what she intended to do in front of all. She demanded I beg louder for all to hear. I cried Like a baby, “Please Tyra! Don’t shove that in my ass, I’ll do anything! Please, Please! She just laughed and shoved. I cried out and screamed. The whole ward was watching now mesmerized. She fucked me, over and over and over.

My hips bucked with each thrust. Finally she withdrew. She then produced a big paddle. Without a word she beat my but raw. I was now bawling like a baby. “Are you ready to kneel slave,” she asked. I whimpered and nodded my head in shame. One of the girls released my chains. I then slowly stood up, and then knelt before her, totally broken, humiliated and defeated. I was then ordered to masturbate in front of her and all as a sign of my utter defeat and submission. On my knees I sealed my fate as I stroked. Everyone howling and applauding, finally cheering me on as I bucked and stroked. I came all over the floor. I was ordered to clean it up with a rag and return it immediately to the guards since it was clothes. I then was commanded by Tyra to remain on my hands and knees as a footstool in the lobby for her. I get her drinks. Do her laundry and am at her beck and call.

It is 9 months now and I am still naked. I am told that I will be here another three years by the doctors. I hope Tyra will allow me to wear clothes soon if I obey her totally. But she hasn’t mentioned anything yet. I can only hope.

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New Bondage dvds

June 7, 2007 at 11:28 pm (bondage, dvd, kink, Uncategorized)


Klub Slutz from Penthouse Klub Slutz (2007)
Studio: Penthouse
Added on: Feb 14th, 2007
Starring: Audrey Hollander, Daisy Marie, Jay Lassiter, Jean Val Jean, Jeremy Holmes, Jezabelle Bond, Marcus London, Max Mikita, and more…

Movie Synopsis: This is your exclusive pass to an underground empire that belongs to the Klub Slutz.
1.0 star
Avg. Rating: 1.0 star





So Low from Tightfit So Low (2007)
Studio: Tightfit
Added on: Mar 8th, 2007
Starring: Ariel X, Lexi Bardot, Mika Tan, Nikki Nievez

Movie Synopsis: All-girl, autoerotic, self-asphyxiation.
1.7 stars
Avg. Rating: 1.7 stars





Jesse Loves Pain from Vivid Jesse Loves Pain (2007)
Studio: Vivid
Added on: Apr 16th, 2007
Starring: Adrianna Nicole, Chanta Rose, Charlotte Stokely, Claire Adams, Gia Paloma, Jenna Presley, Jesse Capelli

Movie Synopsis: The third pain’s the sweetest…
3.1 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.1 stars





Andrew Blake X from Studio A Andrew Blake X (2007)
Studio: Studio A
Added on: May 24th, 2007
Starring: Aaron, Aria Giovanni, Claudia Cavassa, Cytherea, Dana DeArmond, Faith Leon, Jade Starr, Jelena Jensen, Katrina Kat, and more…

Movie Synopsis: X depicts bold themes of bondage and release, public nudity and voyeuristic body worship…
3.0 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.0 stars





Cruel Persuasions from Totally Tasteless Video Cruel Persuasions (2007)
Studio: Totally Tasteless Video
Added on: Jun 4th, 2007
Starring: Lady Olivia, Shay Sights, Stacy Burke, Tori Sinclair

Movie Synopsis: We got you whipped!
0.0 stars
Not Yet Rated





Bound To Please from Digital Sin Bound To Please (2007)
Studio: Digital Sin
Added on: Mar 23rd, 2007
Starring: Alexis Love, Ashlynn Brooke, Belle Bond, Erik Everhard, Kimberly Franklin, Manuel Ferrara, Mark Ashley, Mister X, and more…

Movie Synopsis: Five souls–their fates intertwined, their bodies bound together…
3.0 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.0 stars

checked out




Taboo #5 from Hustler Taboo #5 (2006)
Studio: Hustler
Added on: Jan 20th, 2006
Starring: Barbara Summer, Brooke Haven, Haley Paige, Jack Lawrence, Jerry, Melissa Lauren, Mia Bangg, Michelle B., Talon, Van Damage

Movie Synopsis: Prepare yourself for another darkly kinky and highly erotic presentation of all that is Taboo. This is an offering of dominance, bondage, and submission for those with … read more
2.6 stars
Avg. Rating: 2.6 stars





Odyssey from VCX Odyssey (2006)
Studio: VCX
Added on: Apr 6th, 2006
Starring: Bobby Astyr, Boris Smith, Candy Short, Celia Dargent, CJ Laing, Crystal Sync, David Morris, Don Peterson, Ellyn Grant, and more…

Movie Synopsis: Terri Hall and Susan McBain are caught up in a world of multi-abstract erotica; experiencing a world of extreme, wanton pleasure which includes bondage, lesbianism, and … read more
1.0 star
Avg. Rating: 1.0 star





Getting Off from VCX Getting Off (2006)
Studio: VCX
Added on: Apr 7th, 2006
Starring: Desiree Cousteau, John Leslie, Serena

Movie Synopsis: There’s nothing quite like… Getting Off!
2.3 stars
Avg. Rating: 2.3 stars





Bondage Babes from Bizarre Bondage Babes (2006)
Studio: Bizarre
Added on: May 25th, 2006
Starring: Amber Michaels, Asia Carrera, Austin O’Reilly, Brittany Andrews, Brittany O’Connell, Chloe, Devastation, Layla Jade, and more…

Movie Synopsis: Two fun filled hours of bondage babes at play!
1.8 stars
Avg. Rating: 1.8 stars





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Ultimate Surrender Videos

June 5, 2007 at 5:41 pm (bdsm, kink, submission, Uncategorized, video)

3186_v9.jpgUltimate Surrender

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Dragonlily vs. Annie Cruz

June 2, 2007 at 3:47 pm (Uncategorized)

These lovely Asian porn stars finally fight it out. The winner has to pleasure the loser. 4085_6.jpg

sitename ultimatesurrender
modelsinshoot DragonLily, Annie Cruz
title The Dragon (21-5) Ranked 2nd
The Scorpion(1-4) Ranked 14th
shortdetails Asian beauty gets her asses kicked in F/F nude wrestling.
details The Dragon totally destroyed her weaker opponent. The Scorpion never had a chance, as the Dragons fingers were in her pussy early and often. The Dragon even forced the Scorpion to cum during wrestling right at the buzzer.
After totally dominating the match, the Dragon gives the Scorpion a brutal strap-on fucking and forces the Scorpion to squirt twice. The Dragon then makes her weaker opponent suck her feet and toes then rides her face until she cums in an explosive orgasm.

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